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Digital Justice: Chongqing's Innovative Leap into Cloud-based Execution and Online Courts

By YUTING CHEN|Feb 11,2024

Chongqing - Chongqing recently courts debuted an exhibition highlighting their digital transformation, featuring advancements from 26 courts and over 20 "mobile convenience courts" equipped with 5G technology, showcasing the judiciary's commitment to digital innovation.

Over 20 vehicles equipped with 5G technology and called "mobile convenience courts," were neatly arranged on February 6. (Photo/Luo Bin)

5G execution backpack equipped with intelligent legal tools 

At the booth of the Chongqing Tongnan District Court, a black backpack bearing the "People's Court Execution" inscription garnered attention.

"One should not underestimate this 5G execution backpack; it represents our court's innovative approach to 'cloud-based execution,'" remarked Huang Jie, Deputy Director of the Enforcement Department at Tongnan District Court.

The backpack was equipped with intelligent legal tools such as a drone for smart execution, an electronic signature pad, facial recognition and fingerprint device, tablets, laptops, and a portable printer.

"With this backpack, execution judges are equipped for remote consultations on case files, creating and transmitting written records, printing documents, conducting comprehensive searches for individuals and assets, and maintaining real-time communication with the command center," Huang explained. "This facilitates a practical, intelligent, and lightweight approach to managing execution tasks independently."

Since 2023, the Tongnan District Court has used the 5G execution backpack for 86 weekend and holiday on-site searches, cutting the average asset disposal time from 151 to 73 days and reducing fund distribution to just under seven days.

Staff showcased the 5G execution backpack. (Photo/Luo Bin)

Online judicial confirmation mechanism offers immediate service

"We have reduced the time required for judicial confirmation from the statutory 30 days to within 30 minutes, thanks to our online judicial confirmation mechanism, which offers an immediate service," emphasized Wu Jichao, Deputy Chief of the Filing Court at Banan Court.

Parties only need to sign the mediation agreement and application for judicial confirmation, adopting a "no form to fill" approach. Judges can quickly review agreements and produce confirmation documents remotely.

These documents are electronically signed and sent back online to the mediation system, ensuring a "no wait" process. Mediators can immediately print and deliver the documents on-site, eliminating the need for additional trips.

Residents can resolve disputes locally in the Banan District and obtain legally binding documents, thanks to 28 police stations and 23 legal offices, each with professional mediators and online judge guidance.

Wu revealed that since the comprehensive implementation of this mechanism in 2019, the proportion of cases in Banan District seeking judicial confirmation after successful mediation has risen from 7% to 66.5%. The automatic compliance rate for mediated agreements has reached 89.5%.

An "e+ Judge Clinic" in the mountains

In Youyang County, the remote Wuling Mountains make legal access difficult for residents. Zhang Shan, a judicial assistant at the Civil First Chamber of Youyang Court, explained that the "e+ Judge Clinic" uses technology to extend digital benefits more effectively to the local community.

The clinic is fully equipped with modern office technology, including computers, cameras, microphones, printers, and document cameras. It integrates the online services of the People's Court and the People's Court Mediation Platform into computer terminals to support communication, audio-video conferences, and the exchange of documents.

This arrangement enables villagers to book services such as mediation guidance, legal advice, live streaming of court hearings, and legal education sessions online. 

Parties can access e-filing, mediation, and courtroom services conveniently at the "e+ Judge Clinic," effectively addressing the challenges related to mobility, distance, and limited internet access for the local community.


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