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Interdepartmental Collaboration Secures Stable Prices, Essentials for Spring Festival

By RAN ZHENG|Feb 11,2024

Chongqing - During the Spring Festival, a critical period for Chinese families to purchase New Year's supplies, weather challenges have sparked worries about food stability. Yet, a recent visit to Shuangfu International Agricultural Trade City, the largest agricultural wholesale market in Chongqing, has reassured the availability and pricing of essential food items.

A consumer buys Chilean cherries at a supermarket in Chongqing. (Photo/Sun Kaifang)

Despite the adverse weather conditions affecting various parts of the country, the market has maintained a steady and abundant supply of vegetables, fruits, and meat products. 

Vegetable wholesaler Fan Chenglin emphasized strong demand and supply, noting, "Early morning shipments of potatoes and cabbage from Sichuan Province are selling well, especially as the Spring Festival approaches." He also highlighted efficient distribution, ensuring fresh produce reaches consumers promptly.

The market is experiencing its peak trading period, with daily vegetable transactions nearing 10,000 tons. This abundance ensures consumers can access a wide range of agricultural products at stable prices. 

Besides, the fruit section of the market is bustling, with many customers buying fruit gift boxes. Merchant Wang Jun remarked on the popularity of Chilean cherries, "Chilean cherries this year sold very well. The 2.5-kilogram gift box is priced from 150 to 240 yuan (USD 21 to 34) and tastes delicious."

The fruit market is well-stocked, receiving around 4,300 tons daily, with prices generally stable, except for lower costs for popular citrus and cherry products compared to last year.

The market experienced an increase in meat trading, with trader Zhang Tianlin noting lower pork prices this year, such as front-leg meat at 29 yuan per kilogram, down 3 yuan since late January, offering shoppers bargains. Beef brisket remains steady at 75 yuan per kilogram, with no recent price changes.

The Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce has partnered with regions such as Yunnan, Shandong, and Sichuan Province to sign a storage and insurance agreement involving major firms like Chongbai and Yonghui and production bases to increase the city's purchasing capacity. 

Furthermore, departments of agriculture, rural affairs, transportation, and public security are collaborating to improve their emergency response, guaranteeing stable prices and availability of essential goods for residents during the Spring Festival.


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