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Vibrant Spring Festival Celebrations Across Chongqing | City in the Lens⑤

By CHANG CHEN|Feb 19,2024

Chongqing - In a spectacular showcase of tradition and festivity, during the past few days, the Spring Festival in Chongqing comes alive with vibrant celebrations across four districts and counties– Tongliang, Jiangjin, Chengkou, and Dianjiang. Each place contributes its unique culture to make this Chinese New Year a memorable experience for residents and visitors.

(Video credits: Tongliang District, Chengkou County, Dianjiang District, and Photographer Peng Bo)

The heart of Tongliang echoes with the roar of furnaces reaching 1500°C, where the dance of molten iron takes center stage. The Tongliang Dragon Dance, recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage, captivates onlookers as bare-chested men move gracefully amid fiery sparks, creating a mesmerizing fire dragon spectacle.

Jiangjin's Zhongshan Ancient Town sets the scene for a "1-kilometer Long Feast," where residents invite vendors, tourists, and returning family members. Banquet tables are placed along the streets, fostering a sense of unity and cultural appreciation. Traditional performances such as dragon lantern dances and face-changings add a lively touch to the festive atmosphere.

Chongqing residents embrace the New Year with a culinary tradition – sausages and cured meat. Chengkou's cured meat, renowned for its unique flavor, has become a local industry symbol. The aroma of cured meat, complemented by the vibrant red of the New Year decorations, symbolizes the anticipation of a flavorful and prosperous year ahead.

Dianjiang paints the nights with a breathtaking display. The Dianjiang Peony-Sakura World comes alive with various illuminated scenes featuring cultural displays, traditional costume shows, lion dances, and captivating heritage activities.

As Chongqing residents bid farewell to the past year, the celebrations across Tongliang, Jiangjin, Chengkou, and Dianjiang showcase the city's rich cultural diversity and the warm spirit of community, fostering a sense of joy and unity in welcoming the auspicious Year of the Dragon.


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