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Chongqing—The 2024 government work report emphasized the importance of strengthening the construction of a high-quality education system. “We believe that China will also develop a new technology-driven growth approach in the future,” said Yu Hao, CEO and co-founder of Bamboo System Technology. “Then, education will be the foundation for this growth.”

Yu stated in a March 8 interview with Bridging News that China is increasingly focusing on high-quality and digital education, moving from being known for its large population to being recognized for its wealth of skilled and talented individuals.

Technology helps promote high-quality education

“Technology will be a key factor in supporting the goal of high-quality education,” said Yu. This transition underscores the strategic pivot towards emphasizing human capital as a critical asset in fostering innovation, enhancing productivity, and driving future growth.”

Digital education marks a major transformation in education delivery and experience, offering accessible, personalized, and adaptable learning. It is key to overcoming 21st-century educational challenges and equipping individuals for the digital era.

“For education, one of the biggest challenges is the lack of good teachers and learning resources,” said Yu.

The internet enhances access to educational content for eager learners worldwide. In large countries like China, where educational resources are unevenly distributed, digital education technology enables the delivery of quality educational resources to underserved areas, benefiting students in need.

“For example, we have one project in which Hong Kong teachers use the Bamboo Cloud platform to deliver English courses to students in the Guangxi countryside,” added Yu.

“China is one very important market for us.”

In the last few years, Bamboo Cloud technology has already worked with many Chinese partners and clients in different education sectors to help Chinese educators and schools transform and improve education quality and efficiency.

“We are excited about the new opportunities ahead,” Yu added. “China is one very important market for us. Many of our clients and partners are from China.”

Recently, Bamboo Group has received collaboration inquiries from different parts of China, such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Chongqing, ranging from professional training to higher education.

Yu continued that as China is a big market, they will grow our partner network and market sectors in the future. “We plan to bring some of our Chinese partners’ products and services to Singapore, Southeast Asian countries, and other countries as well,” said Yu.

Yu said that Chongqing is a recent focus for Bamboo Group, supported by The China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity (CCI). They have an ongoing project with a local partner and anticipate more opportunities in Chongqing and western China.

Bamboo System Technology will continue to devote itself to the research and development, and innovation of educational technology, especially in application fields such as artificial intelligence, education data analysis, and cloud computing.

“Through technological innovation, we hope to contribute to the education transformation in China, including improving the quality of education, achieving educational equity, optimizing teaching management, and enhancing the overall quality of education,” said Yu.


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