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Bridging Chinese and Southeast Asian Art: The Symphony of Coexistence Exhibition

By XINYI LI|Mar 20,2024

Chongqing—The "Symphony of Coexistence—Chinese and Southeast Asian Art Invitational Exhibition" inaugurated its vibrant display at the Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute on Tuesday. This exhibition running until May 5 curates a remarkable collection of artworks from China and Southeast Asia, leveraging the universal language of art to cultivate mutual comprehension and friendship.

Guests and some participating artists pose for a group photo. (Photo/Li Xinyi)

Apinan Poshyananda, the exhibition's principal consultant, eloquently articulated that the exhibition transcends mere artistic display; it acts as a conduit for fostering friendships between China and Southeast Asian nations. He underlined the pivotal role of art in bridging disparate cultures and facilitating cultural dialogues under the auspices of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Apinan illuminated the exhibition's exploration of interpersonal and societal connections, underscoring a reciprocal approach that appraises Southeast Asian art through a Chinese lens and vice versa.

The exhibition begins on March 19 and will run until May 5. (Photo/Li Xinyi)

The curator, Michela Sena, delved into how the exhibition encapsulates the symbiotic relationships among Chinese and Southeast Asian artists. Their collective works, emanating from varied generational backgrounds, intricately navigate through the layered and profound narratives of our contemporary milieu. Michela accentuated the curatorial intent behind the artwork selection, aimed at mirroring societal dynamics and fostering an interactive discourse between the audience and the art, hence affirming art's critical role in reflecting the zeitgeist.

Michela Sena offers an insightful explanation of her interpretation of the artworks. (Photo/Li Xinyi)

The exhibition, which unites 24 Southeast Asian artists from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines with their Chinese counterparts, presents close to 100 pieces. These artistic expressions not only unveil the distinctive charm and depth of China, Southeast, and Southern Asia, spanning traditional to modern and local to global perspectives, but also echo the artists' introspective engagement with the present-day world and its prospective trajectory.

Visitors are admiring the exhibition paintings. (Photo/Li Xinyi)

Such cultural and artistic exchanges underscore the exhibition's pivotal role in accentuating art's diversity while facilitating cross-cultural dialogues and comprehension, presenting viewers with an immersive visual and cognitive experience. This endeavor epitomizes art's fundamental role in championing global harmony and coexistence.

Silent Night III by Pang Maokun (oil on canvas) (Photo/Li Xinyi)

Party (#2) by Sriwan Janehuttakarnkit (oil on canvas) (Photo/Li Xinyi)

Racharod by Prasert Yodkaew (variable size, mixed media) (Photo/Li Xinyi)

International Financial Center of Dream by Jiao Xingtao (Fiberglass, Ocean Ball, Neon, 3D printing, machinery audio) (Photo/Li Xinyi)

Khaek Pai Krai Ma 2 (literally Indian Friends Are Here 2) by Navin Rawanchaikul (acrylic on canvas, 17 panels) (Photo/Li Xinyi)


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