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Chongqing Appeals for Collective Effort to Shape City Spirit

By XINYI LI|Mar 20,2024

Chongqing—The Chongqing Municipality has launched a comprehensive campaign dedicated to nurturing and advancing the “Spirit of Chongqing City.” This initiative seeks the enthusiastic engagement of over 30 million city residents, aiming to harness their collective power and intellect to deeply engage with and refine the city’s emblematic ethos.

A bird's-eye view of Chongqing (Photo/Wang Zhengkun)

The essence of the “Spirit of Chongqing City” transcends the mere stimulation of urban development; it is pivotal in augmenting the city’s overarching persona and its soft power. This spirit, the city’s soul, reinforces urban unity and propels societal advancement.

White Emperor City (Photo/Li Xinyi)

Moreover, the genesis of this city spirit should harmoniously blend Chongqing’s rich historical and cultural legacy with modern evolution. As the cradle of the Hongyan Spirit, Chongqing is replete with a wealth of historical and cultural assets and distinctive urban traits, all serving as essential resources for the profound exploration and enhancement of the “Spirit of Chongqing City.”

Statues at the Dazu Rock Carvings Baodingshan Scenic Area. (Photo/ Mikkel Larsen)

A representative of the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development noted that a distinct and universally recognized “Spirit of Chongqing City” will materialize through extensive citizen engagement. The collaborative endeavors across various municipal departments and among citizens will catalyze the “Spirit of Chongqing City” as a formidable impetus for the metamorphosis of new Chongqing, thereby making a singular contribution to the city’s modernization.

Wulipo in Wushan County (Photo/Wushan County)

On a global scale, through the official Weibo, WeChat public accounts, Facebook, and X accounts of the Western China International Communication Organization, a broad array of opinions and suggestions concerning the “Spirit of Chongqing City” will be diligently gathered from citizens and various societal sectors. This ensures that the initiative to cultivate the city spirit is intimately aligned with public opinion and reality. In culmination, a nuanced and comprehensive articulation of Chongqing’s unique attributes in this new epoch will be developed, fostering the city’s cultural flourishing and societal progress and infusing perpetual dynamism into Chongqing’s ongoing evolution.

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