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Dazu Rock Carvings Int'l Tourism and Culture Festival to Open

By YAN DENG|Mar 20,2024

Chongqing - The 2024 Dazu Rock Carvings International Tourism and Culture Festival is set to commence from March 26 to May 9, spanning a remarkable 45 days. This year's festival promises to showcase 15 captivating events blending international flair with Chinese essence and Dazu's local charm, aiming to present visitors with a cultural extravaganza and a tourism summit.

Being the longest, richest in content, and largest-scale cultural tourism event ever hosted in Dazu District, the 2024 Dazu Rock Carvings International Tourism and Culture Festival is geared towards providing citizens and tourists with a comprehensive experience.

Dazu Rock Carvings International Tourism and Culture Festival is set to commence from March 26 to May 9. (Photo/Dazu District)

The opening ceremony is scheduled at 7:30 pm on March 26 at the Dazu District Sports Center. Attendees will be treated to spectacular cultural performances such as the Dazu Carp Lantern Dance and the Zhong'ao Fire Dragon Dance, both UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage items. Simultaneously, the "Longing to Meet You" concert featuring renowned artists promises to deliver a high-quality audio-visual feast for tourists and residents alike.

Under the "Nihao China, Beautiful Dazu" global promotion week, scheduled from March 26 to 31, representatives from foreign consulates in Chongqing, international media, Chongqing tourism ambassadors, and student representatives from overseas will be invited to visit Dazu District, sharing their experiences on social media platforms and international mainstream media, thus promoting Dazu globally.

Dazu Rock Carvings International Tourism and Culture Festival is set to commence from March 26 to May 9. (Photo/Dazu District)

The "Guardians of Dazu Rock Carvings" recruitment program aims to recruit 1007 individuals globally to bolster conservation efforts and add wisdom to protecting Dazu's rock carvings. Notably, the number 1007 symbolizes the iconic Thousand-handed Avalokitesvara, one of the most representative statues among Dazu's rock carvings, signifying the fusion of wisdom and power. The recruitment aims to unite these guardians to preserve history and heritage.

Moreover, the fourth edition of the "Bashu Cultural Tourism Corridor - Dazu Rock Carvings Hanfu Week" will invite students from universities in Sichuan and Chongqing, Hanfu societies, young Hanfu enthusiasts nationwide, members of folk Hanfu societies, and young photography enthusiasts to appreciate the rock carvings, and participate in photography competitions, exhibitions, and fashion shows, aiming to inspire youth to love traditional culture and foster cultural confidence.

The Dazu District plans to deploy 150 large public buses to form a dedicated service fleet to cater to tourists, establish additional offline ticket sales points for convenience, and recruit 300 volunteers to provide voluntary services to tourists. 

Furthermore, on the evening of March 27, the annual Dazu Rock Carvings Baoding Mountain Night Tour will commence, offering visitors a unique experience. 

Zhu Mao, Deputy Director of the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development, outlined efforts to enhance Dazu's global recognition and promote its industries.

Further efforts will be made to strengthen protection and research, drive systematic preservation of Dazu Rock Carvings, and maintain their authenticity and integrity. Additionally, efforts to promote academic disciplines related to Dazu, uncovering its multifaceted value and historical and cultural connotations, are underway.

Enhanced efforts in inheritance and utilization involve establishing the Dazu Rock Carvings Digital Museum, launching the "Virtual Tour of Dazu Rock Carvings" metaverse cultural tourism project, and continuously enriching the display and utilization of Dazu's rock carvings. 

Dazu's integration into the Yangtze International Cultural Park (Chongqing section) development projects and the formulation of the "Dazu Rock Carvings World Cultural Heritage Management Guidelines" aim to optimize and improve basic service facilities and management levels.

Furthermore, marketing and promotion endeavors will deepen cooperation with travel agencies, offer group incentives, and accelerate market activation to attract domestic and international tourists, fostering Dazu's growth as a tourist destination. 

Efforts to revitalize resources include utilizing the results of cultural tourism resource surveys, incorporating Dazu Rock Carvings into the city's key cultural tourism investment projects, and developing projects focusing on cultural heritage activation, nurturing new tourism products and formats and educational tourism, aiming to enhance the economic, social, cultural, and ecological benefits of the scenic area. 


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