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Cultivating Unity and Progress: The Essence of Chongqing's City Spirit Initiative

By XINYI LI|Mar 24,2024

Chongqing - Recently, Chongqing inaugurated a mobilization meeting for a comprehensive initiative to cultivate and enhance the “Spirit of Chongqing City.” This significant event marks the beginning of a citywide endeavor to gather insights and refine the essence of Chongqing’s spirit. The initiative elevates the city’s moral and cultural stature, accentuating its commitment to virtue and humanistic urban development by bolstering its image and fostering solidarity among its residents.

A bird’s-eye view of Chongqing’s Yuzhong Peninsula. (Photo/Xinhua)

In an era characterized by swift progress, the essence of a city’s spirit is pivotal in defining its identity and augmenting its soft power. This spirit mirrors the city’s historical backdrop, natural setting, and the caliber of its citizenry, acting as a fundamental driver for sustained advancement and evolution.

Chongqing Great Hall of the People. (Photo/Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development)

Endowed with a storied past and a rich cultural legacy, Chongqing harbors a distinctive spirit that has propelled its inhabitants through generations. While this spirit is a testament to the city’s resilience and character, articulating and redefining it in the light of contemporary dynamics is a necessary endeavor that the people of Chongqing should undertake. This essential undertaking is vital for ensuring that the city’s spirit remains relevant and resonant with the aspirations and challenges of the present and future.

The cultural intangible heritage of Tongliang Dragon Dance. (Photo/Tongliang District)

The spirit of a city is a synthesis of its environmental backdrop, historical narrative, intrinsic character, and the quality of its populace. It plays a crucial role in amplifying the city’s soft power, shaping its brand, and connecting its past to its future. This spirit manifests in the residents’ beliefs and actions and is the linchpin in transitioning the city from strength to greatness.

Qianjiang Zhuoshui Scenic Area. (Photo/Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development)

Several cities across China, including Beijing and Shanghai, have successfully articulated their unique spirits, significantly enhancing their recognizability, soft power, and influence.

Chongqing stands at a crossroads, striving to meld its historical and cultural richness with the demands of modern development to forge a city spirit that captures its distinctiveness and the essence of the current era. The extensive gathering of perspectives on the “Spirit of Chongqing City” is also a venture into global collaboration and wisdom accumulation. Through widespread engagement and profound dialogue, there is anticipation to craft a portrayal of the city’s spirit that encapsulates Chongqing’s attributes, embodies contemporary ethos, and paves the way for future developmental paradigms.

The dynamic 8D Chongqing night cityscape shines in full glory in this long-distance photograph taken from behind Dongshuimen Bridge towards the Yuzhong Peninsula. (Photo/Chen Liang)

This endeavor is not solely reliant on academic expertise but also hinges on the active involvement and contributions of the wider community. The collective insights and recommendations are crucial in sculpting the city’s spirit. By amalgamating shared wisdom, Chongqing aspires to cultivate a renewed and dynamic spirit, laying a solid foundation for fostering a culturally profound city and narrating Chongqing’s evolving adventure.

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