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Pursuing Dreams is Embracing Uncertainty, Living in the Moment | Realpreneur Tales

By YUTING CHEN|Mar 26,2024

Chongqing - "Life resembles a movie, with each of us playing a unique role," remarked Chen Jiaxin, reflecting on the genesis of OurFilm Studio during the exclusive interview with Bridging News. "I yearned not to continue the monotony of everyday life but to pursue the dreams harbored within my heart."

Chen Jiaxin, founder of OurFilm Studio. (Photo/Chen Jiaxin)

Chen, who lacked formal filmmaking training, expressed a lifelong passion for cinema that began in childhood. The idea of filmmaking appeared remote, particularly while residing in the inland city of Chongqing. Chen reflected,  "I scarcely believed my path would intersect with the cinematic landscape."

Yet, microfilms rapidly garnered acclaim for their succinct and powerful narratives, captivating audiences and nurturing an appreciation for short films in 2012. During that time, Chen resolved to venture into crafting his creations.

"Even though I had a stable job at the time, my mind was consumed by thoughts of making movies," Chen recalled. "I was passionate about learning film imagery, visual effects, and storytelling, so I decided to leave my job and pursue my dream."

Director Chen Jiaxin on the set of filming. (Photo/Chen Jiaxin)

Chen's first project portrayed the tale of a French girl in Chongqing. He dedicated almost ten days to immersing himself in the city alongside her, documenting her treasured experiences.

Although it was a documentary-style film, the process demanded meticulous attention to presenting authentic visuals and mastering scriptwriting, color grading, and editing. Chen completed nearly all aspects of his debut piece, from translating French to video editing, largely on his own.

In 2013, following the release of the film, Chen officially established OurFilm movie studio, initially as a one-person endeavor. As a studio based on the concept of custom-made films, it becomes a shining emblem of original microfilms in Chongqing, with a surge of commercial contracts following suit.

Fusing personal narratives with cinematic settings

Chen stands out by weaving his extensive life experiences into his films, offering a distinct and creative viewpoint. He skillfully merges personal narratives with cinematic settings, effectively conveying his perspectives and insights through dramatic scene contrasts.

Chen frequently films his skiing adventures globally and integrates the reflections from these sessions into his movies. He mentions that skiing is both a relaxation method and a means to deeply connect with nature, enriching his filmmaking with fresh inspiration and energy.

Director Chen Jiaxin is skiing in the Alps. (Photo/Chen Jiaxin)

Recalling a skiing excursion in the Alps, navigating snow-covered landscapes, traversing hills and forests, and even skirting the edges of cliffs thrilled him.

Upon returning to Chongqing from the Alps, Chen pondered integrating this experience into his films. Despite the contrast between Chongqing's mountains and the Alps' snowy peaks, he aimed to depict comparable adventures and natural beauty within the city's urban landscape.

Therefore, Chen incorporated a skier character into his film, choosing to shoot in summer and setting scenes in Chongqing's urban heat among skyscrapers. The film features the skier at a busy intersection, ski board in hand, among people in summer clothes, highlighting a vivid contrast.

"The message I aimed to convey is that the spirit of adventure transcends urban confines. Even amidst a sweltering urban environment, one can still experience a sense of freedom and challenge," Chen explained.

The skier symbolized more than just a character in Chen's films; it represented freedom and the courage to push boundaries, core themes in his works. Chen aimed to encourage viewers to pursue their dreams relentlessly, regardless of their challenges.

Director Chen Jiaxin is a skiing enthusiast. (Photo/Chen Jiaxin)

In reflecting on his journey as an entrepreneur and filmmaker, Chen emphasized the unpredictable nature of life and the inherent uncertainty in both future projects and life itself, recognizing that nothing is guaranteed.

As an entrepreneur turned filmmaker, Chen grasps the fleeting nature of time and opportunities. He emphasizes seizing the moment and acting swiftly on impulses, urging others to break boundaries and pursue their dreams without hesitation.


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