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'Seres Aims to Be Among the Top Ten Global Luxury Car Brands Future' | Insights

By YUTING CHEN|Mar 26,2024

Chongqing - In 2024, Seres Auto demonstrated strong competitive strength and brand appeal in domestic and international markets, significantly advancing from its original emphasis on low-end micro-commercial vehicles to establishing itself as a prominent brand in the high-end smart electric vehicle sector.

"The foundation of this achievement lies in the company's keen insight into the global automotive industry's shift towards electrification and smart technologies, along with the core competencies of Chinese automotive companies in Triple Electric technologies (battery, motor, and electronic control) and smart technologies," said Liu Liying, assistant to the general manager of the overseas business unit of Seres Group, in an exclusive interview with Bridging News on March 22.

Triple Electric technologies enable Seres to integrate better into the global new energy vehicle industry. In 2023, Seres secured over 20,000 new vehicle orders at the Brussels Motor Show in Belgium and established a European sales company in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Seres has effectively introduced its brand and new vehicles in Norway, Morocco, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Nepal, Palestine, and China's Hong Kong.

In June 2023, the Seres 5 model of Seres Auto completed its first European deliveries in Norway. (Photo/Seres Auto)

Utilizing the ILSTC's efficient logistics advantages

Since the inauguration of the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor (ILSTC)Seres has effectively utilized its efficient and convenient logistics benefits. The company's successful export strategy is significantly linked to the crucial support provided by the ILSTC.

As Liu explained, by continuously refining logistics models via the ILSTC, Seres has notably decreased logistics expenses, improved transportation efficiency, and actively broadened its presence in international markets.

For instance, traditionally, exporting to Indonesia via river-sea intermodal transport took 30 days, but now, through the ILSTC, it takes approximately 18 days, significantly enhancing transportation efficiency.

Notably, in March last year, Seres shipped 50 new energy vehicles to Europe using a rail-sea intermodal train from Guoyuan Port to Qinzhou. This marked the inaugural batch of new energy vehicles transported via a rail-sea intermodal special train from Chongqing through the ILSTC.

The corridor's inception, or Seres, has transported more than 10,000 containers of vehicles and parts, valued at around 2 billion yuan (approximately USD 276.8 million), reaching markets in Indonesia, Peru, Ecuador, and various other countries.

Seres products are exhibited near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. (Photo/Seres Auto)

Building local sales and overseas factories for global service

"Seres aims to be among the top ten global luxury car brands in the future," said Liu.

Liu said Seres plans to utilize its strengths in Triple Electric technologies, range extender technology, electronic and electrical architecture, and smart technology platforms. With over 1,000 global marketing and service networks and several KD assembly plants, the company aims to tailor its approach to local market needs, driving the brand towards advanced, intelligent development.

Additionally, Seres will continue to enhance collaboration with global business partners, employing adaptable and varied cooperation approaches suited to local market attributes. This includes forming local sales companies and constructing overseas factories to improve service for global users.

In response to the global luxury car market changes, Seres intends to collaborate with partners to establish a comprehensive talent team tailored to the smart luxury market's needs, ensuring sustainable growth. This underscores SERES' commitment to talent and innovation and its resolve to pursue breakthroughs and innovations in global competition.

Statistics reveal that Seres Auto has exported to over 70 countries and regions spanning Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, with total vehicle exports exceeding 500,000 units.


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