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Chongqing Embarks on a Collective Journey to Sculpt Its City Spirit

By XINYI LI|Apr 01,2024

Chongqing - Chongqing is diligently orchestrating a comprehensive series of thematic initiatives centered on the "Spirit of Chongqing City" to amalgamate the voices of its populace and visitors to collectively delineate the city's essence. 

Districts and counties are collaboratively endorsing these meticulously organized, multifaceted activities, inspiring individuals to articulate their perception and acknowledgment of Chongqing's spirit.

In Yuzhong District, residents and visitors are enthusiastically engaging in various activities. (Photo/Yuzhong District)

In Yuzhong District, a vibrant message board at Jiefangbei Guotai Plaza has captivated many citizens and tourists, inviting them to impart their interpretations of the "Spirit of Chongqing City" through engaging messages and collection boards. 

Adorned with phrases such as "prosperity," "enthusiasm," "proactivity," and "candor," the red boards vividly encapsulate the community's sentiments and aspirations for Chongqing. Moreover, Yuzhong District has established several "Spirit of Chongqing City" slogan accumulation points within the Jiefangbei Commercial Area, deploying themed mailboxes to enhance public involvement.

Residents engage in the "Spirit of Chongqing City" slogan collection campaign through innovative mailbox check-in stations. (Photo/Yuzhong District)

Beyond tangible interactions, assorted districts and counties are embracing novel approaches. Wushan County has navigated through byways and lanes to conduct impromptu interviews with inhabitants, broadening the dialogue surrounding the "Spirit of Chongqing City" to encompass not only locals but also a vast array of tourists and non-residents, thus fostering a more inclusive and varied discourse.

To augment the narrative, local cultural entities in Fengjie County harnessed the allure of the Chinese Plum (Prunus salicina Lindl) Flower Festival to initiate inventive field excursions, propelling artistic renditions of Chongqing's spirit through the mediums of poetry and calligraphy.

Tourists pen their interpretations of the "Spirit of Chongqing City" on cards, contributing their perspectives. (Photo/Yuzhong District)

The engagement of esteemed figures and intellectuals in district discussions underscores Chongqing's commitment to inclusivity and diversity, mirroring an open and culturally rich cityscape. In Yubei District, the cultural and tourism sectors have rallied professionals and academics to engage in profound explorations of Chongqing's urban spirit through collaborative field trips and dialogues.

In Wanzhou District, the community's residents fervently participate in dialogues, conveying their unique perspectives on the "Spirit of Chongqing City," accentuating a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity while delving into the city's cultural and ethical dimensions. Echoing these sentiments, Dadukou and Jiangbei Districts have launched analogous endeavors, fostering cultural promotion and prompting citizens to digitally broadcast their insights on Chongqing's spirit, thereby catalyzing widespread engagement in this cultural crusade.

Through these endeavors, Chongqing aspires to enhance its inhabitants' comprehension of the "Spirit of Chongqing City," thus nurturing the city's cultural legacy and evolution and further solidifying its reputation as a metropolis characterized by warmth, profundity, and vibrancy.

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