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Int'l Students Participate in the Wushan Plum Blossom Festival in Chongqing

By HU HUI|Apr 01,2024

On March 27th, the "Perception of Chongqing" visiting activity occurred in Wushan County, Chongqing, where a magnificent visual feast was unfolding. International students from five countries, including Angola, Thailand, Cambodia, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan, studying at Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, participated in the 6th Yangtze Three Gorges (Wushan) Plum Blossom Festival. 

They passed through the picturesque countryside of Quchi Township, immersed themselves in the splendid scenery of plum blossoms, and deeply experienced the delightful activities of the Plum Blossom Festival, fully appreciating the charm of springtime tourism in Wushan.

International students adorned with flowers and dressed in traditional Hanfu. (Photo/CINC)

In addition to appreciating plum blossoms, the Wushan Plum Blossom Festival also features ancient, fun, competitive sports, offering visitors a unique experience. In the romantic plum garden, international students tried various exciting activities such as pitch-pot games, archery, and Cuju, filling the air with laughter.

International students experienced the pitch-pot game. (Photo/CINC)

This year's Wushan Plum Blossom Festival, themed "Spring Romance in the Three Gorges, Joyful Tour of Wushan," has launched a series of splendid activities, presenting visitors with a feast of plum blossom tourism. Wushan County, using plum blossoms as a medium, vigorously promotes springtime tourism in Wushan, aiming to enhance the popularity and reputation of the "In the Three Gorges, Enjoying Wushan" marketing brand, further establishing the tourism brand of "Chinese Plum Hometown, Three Gorges Flower Sea."

Plum garden in Wushan County. (Photo/CINC)


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