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Chongqing's Vast Market Potential Shines at CIIE Event, Attracting Business Collaborations

By DAN LIU|Apr 03,2024

Chongqing- From April 1 to 3, the “China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Chongqing” event was held in Chongqing. As a significant component of this event, the economic and trade investment promotion conference on April 2 comprehensively showcased the development opportunities in Chongqing, bridging the gap for investors from all sectors to engage in trade cooperation in Chongqing.

The “CIIE in Chongqing” event was held at the YueLai International Conference Center in Chongqing from April 1 to 3. (Photo/Liu Dan)

Driving Cooperation: China’s Thriving Consumer Market Attracts Partnerships

One of the participants in this promotion event was Pakistani jewelry company Winza. The company shared unique insights into the market potential of Chongqing and the Western region and discussed its strategic planning for the company’s long-term development in China. 

Winza, a jewelry brand under the COSMO Group, remains a family-operated business. Founded by Aqeel Chaudhry, hailing from the Kashmiri Chaudhry family, Winza has been dedicated to jewelry collection for many years, primarily retailing high-end jewelry such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds.

“Our visit to Chongqing aims to conduct in-depth market research and seek suitable franchisees to jointly develop the Chongqing market,” said Bilal Habib, the Branding Manager of Winza, during an interview. “This is our seventh year participating in the CIIE, and we have many new plans this year. We will also launch new products and implement some localization operations according to the requirements of the Chinese market. At this year’s CIIE, we plan to bring many high-quality and rare gems for display.”

Bilal Habib, the Branding Manager of Winza, and Liu Zuoheng, the Business Manager of Chongqing Shengxi Trading Co., Ltd., are in negotiations for cooperation at the economic and trade investment promotion conference. (Photo/Liu Dan)

Bilal Habib highlighted that the robust consumer spending power in China stands as the primary allure for their expansion into the Chinese market. He said, “We benefit from certain tax incentives and favorable policies, but it’s the sheer purchasing power of Chinese consumers that attracts us the most. The high-end jewelry market has burst with immense potential, and many people are willing to invest and purchase in jewelry.”

Presently, Winza has opened its stores in core business districts in Shanghai and Shenyang, with more than ten cities and dozens of branches accelerating their establishment in China.

Fostering Growth: Chongqing Forges Strategic Business Environment

Liu Zuoheng, the Business Manager of Shengxi Trading Co., Ltd., a local company in Chongqing, is currently negotiating with Winza Jewelry for cooperation. Liu stated that the market potential in Chongqing is enormous, with continuously increasing consumption power. The company specializes in import and export trade agency business and currently has commercial cooperation with international luxury brands such as Tiffany and Bulgari. He mentioned that Chongqing is committed to building the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, creating an inland opening-up highland, providing policy and tax support for enterprises, further improving logistics efficiency, and providing favorable trade exchange opportunities. 

The “CIIE in Chongqing” event has opened up channels for direct communication and exchanges between Chongqing and multinational companies, strengthening the connection between Chongqing and the international market and injecting new vitality into the economic development of Chongqing and the Western region. Chongqing will continue to optimize the business environment, attract more high-quality foreign-funded enterprises and brands, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the Western region and the entire country.

The economic and trade investment promotion conference of the “CIIE in Chongqing” event. (Photo/Liu Dan)


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