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Chongqing Integrates University Curriculum with Factory Settings to Advance Talent Development

By ZHAN CHEN|Apr 07,2024

Chongqing - "Moving university classes to the factory floor is entirely feasible," said a spokesperson from Seres, a Chinese vehicle manufacturer located in Southwest China's Chongqing, during a recent talent exchange event.

Seres and ten leading firms, such as Sany Group and SGMW, attended Chongqing's Longsheng New City event in Liangjiang New Area. Esteemed academic institutions, including Chongqing University of Technology, were also present.

Attendees concurred that the abundance of colleges and universities in Longsheng New City presents an unparalleled chance to conduct classes directly within companies. This method is anticipated to increase students' enthusiasm for acquiring specialized skills as the city transforms into a cutting-edge example of modern Chongqing.

Leading companies, colleges, and universities participated in the talent exchange event in Chongqing. (Photo/Liangjiang New Area)

A spokesperson from Chongqing University of Technology suggested enhanced collaboration between educational entities and businesses, especially in creating specialized laboratories. This approach aims to connect theoretical knowledge with its practical application seamlessly.

Representatives from Sany Group echoed this perspective, highlighting their dedication to fostering talent growth through experiential learning opportunities such as site visits and internship programs.

Longsheng New City, encompassing the Longxing and Yufu areas, is central to Chongqing's urban development strategy. It is envisioned as a future-forward city that harmoniously balances work and living spaces.

The Longxing company is ramping up infrastructure development to cater to businesses that support this vision. Plans for 2024 include building 2,000 apartments for blue-collar workers, developing parking facilities on government-owned land, and enhancing overall services for businesses.

Efforts are underway around company headquarters, such as Seres, to improve transportation, enhance facility functions, optimize office space use, and target a 20,000-employee office workforce by 2025, thus broadening the commercial presence of the headquarters city.


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