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Insights into Changan's Vast Ocean Plan from an Exemplary Employee's Perspective

By RAN ZHENG|May 02,2024

Chongqing - "Spanning from Algeria and Angola in Africa to Brazil in South America and across Malaysia, India, and Pakistan in Asia, I've journeyed as part of the Vast Ocean Plan," remarked Li Chengcheng, a manager from Changan Automobile's Southeast Asia Division.

Li was recognized as one of the company's exemplary employees at a special ceremony on April 29, right before Labor Day, and presented with a Changan Qiyuan A05. Changan Qiyuan is key in Changan Automobile's new energy lineup.

Li Chengcheng, a manager from Changan Automobile's Southeast Asia Division, was honored as an exemplary employee and posed with his award, the Changan Qiyuan A05. (Photo/Chang'an Automobile)

"It's been an honor to witness Changan Automobile's ambitious ventures to expand its global presence," Li added. The "Vast Ocean Plan" overseas strategy includes launching at least 60 global products by 2030, enhancing brand development, and building over 20 localized marketing organizations with more than 3,000 outlets worldwide.

Further plan details focus on five critical regional markets: Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). By 2030, the plan aims to cover more than 90% of the global market.

Li plays a crucial role in the global expansion of the Southeast Asia Division. Recent initiatives, such as introducing the DEEPAL S07 and DEEPAL L07 in Thailand, have enhanced Changan's international sales, surpassing 358,000 units sold.

"We're actively transforming the strategic blueprint of Vast Ocean Plan into tangible results," he remarked. "Our journey involves constant exploration, accelerating our shift toward becoming an intelligent, low-carbon technology company."

Li emphasized Changan's progress in improving products and enhancing the brand, illustrating the transformation from Changan Xingka and BenBen's presence in the North African Mediterranean to Alsvin's success in South America.

Highlighting the rapid advancements of the Southeast Asia Division in Thailand, Li commented, "Within a mere six months, we've achieved notable success in the Thai market." He recounted milestones from hiring the division's first Thai employee to securing the initial dealer approval and garnering 3,000 orders at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2023.

Li also emphasized their relentless dedication despite challenges like the relentless heat, language barriers, and homesickness. "We are committed, hardworking, and determined to establish Thailand as Changan Automobile's global foothold," he said.

MAW Vridhhi Autocorp Pvt Ltd, the official importer of Changan Automobile in Nepal, launched the DEEPAL S07 on April 1, 2024. (Photo/Republica)

This year, Changan commemorates its 40th anniversary in the civilian automobile sector and honors the trust of 25 million customers. 

With over 4,000 R&D employees and expertise in more than 200 core technologies related to intelligent connected new energy vehicles (NEVs), Changan remains committed to becoming a leading global automobile manufacturer.


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