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A Delightful Blend of Animal Education and Entertainment @ CQ LocaJoy Theme Park

By XINYI LI|May 03,2024

Chongqing - This year's May Day holiday saw Chongqing LocaJoy Theme Park in Yongchuan District captivate a large audience with a vibrant array of unique activities. 

Centered around the "Animal Sports Spectacular," the event took advantage of the peak activity period in late spring and early summer. The park arranged special showings of animal performances, such as tiger diving competitions, chimpanzee strength contests, and ring-tailed lemur long jump competitions, providing guests an exciting opportunity to witness the animals in action up close.

The wonderful performances in the park. (Photo/Chongqing LocaJoy Theme Park)

At the animal carnival, performers dressed up as a variety of creatures, including agile leopards and endearing pandas, showcasing each animal's unique charm. During warm-up ceremonies, these portrayals of animal behaviors and characteristics gave visitors a lively and captivating spectacle.

Visitor Mr. Wang commented, "This event undoubtedly serves as a wonderful opportunity for both visitors and locals to appreciate the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. Moreover, the involvement of giant pandas in the park has enhanced our enjoyment significantly."

The adorable giant pandas in Chongqing LocaJoy Theme Park. (Photo/Chongqing LocaJoy Theme Park)

Another highlight was the impressive animal parade, which resembled an athlete's entrance ceremony. Performers wandered throughout the park, interacting directly with guests and enhancing the event's interactive and immersive qualities. This creative approach sparked imagination and created tangible happiness and harmony between humans and animals.

The park's grand animal parade. (Photo/Chongqing LocaJoy Theme Park)

The park effectively creates an educational and entertaining environment, immersing visitors in a collective experience of joyful interaction with nature. Ms. Liu, who visited the park with her daughter, shared, "LocaJoy's 'Animal Sports Spectacular' offered my child an opportunity to meet a variety of animals, enhancing her growth with enjoyment and delight."

Ring-tailed lemurs in Chongqing LocaJoy Theme Park. (Photo/Chongqing LocaJoy Theme Park)

The park also offers a range of experiential activities beyond standard amusements. Guests enjoyed attractions like Dolphin Alliance, net-feeding carts, hot air ballooning, and bungee jumping. These additions expanded entertainment choices and increased the park's attractiveness to visitors.

People visit the park to have fun during the May Day holiday. (Photo/Chongqing LocaJoy Theme Park)


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