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Exploring Creativity: Chongqing University's Construction Season Success

By JIAXIN TAN|May 03,2024

Chongqing - Chongqing College Student Science Communication Construction Competition & Construction Season of Chongqing Univeristy kicked off with on-site construction in Ciqikou Ancient Town on April 27, 2024.

Aerial View of the Event Site. (Photo/Chongqing University)

In its 11th year, the Construction Season of Chongqing University witnessed a significant increase in participation from more schools and teams compared to previous years, resulting in a larger scale and more refined rules.

Thirty-five teams participated in the competition, comprising 21 from the College of Architecture & Urban Planning of Chongqing University and teams from nine other universities, such as Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and Chongqing Jiaotong University. Notably, all participants were first-year students. These teams collectively worked with wood as the primary material to complete 1:1 physical model construction within 8 hours.

Students diligently applied themselves, translating abstract visions into tangible structures, all while prioritizing the exploration of the practicality and applicability of various architectural themes. This endeavor was underscored by their commitment to offering the local community enlightening experiences, interactive engagement, and opportunities for exploration.

Each participating team autonomously conceived their project themes and was encouraged to align them with the government's development directives of "urban renewal" and "rural revitalization." This approach aimed to facilitate the exploration of the adaptability and implementation of architectural designs suitable for both urban and rural micro-spaces.

"In such team collaborations, freshmen face various challenges and requirements," says Research Assistant Professor Sun Yuxuan from Chongqing University College of Architecture & Urban Planning. "With only 8 hours allotted for the competition, students must efficiently allocate their tasks to ensure timely completion of the project." Professor Sun emphasizes the advantages of using wood as the primary material: "The emphasis on wood proves advantageous due to its lightweight nature, ease of construction, deconstruction, and sustainability, allowing for recycling." Engaging in such competitions, she adds, "not only enhances students' theoretical knowledge but also provides practical hands-on experience, fostering a deeper understanding of the field beyond textbooks."

By seamlessly integrating creativity with real-world challenges, the event not only showcased the ingenuity of the students but also served as a platform for fostering public awareness and interaction. Through this initiative, participants aimed to contribute meaningfully to advancing urban and rural development while providing a rich and immersive experience for the surrounding community, epitomizing the spirit of innovation and community engagement.

Winning creations showcase architectural excellence

The competition featured three first prizes, with Chongqing University securing two. The winning entries, "Yanzhi Xue" and "Le Zhang," hailed from the College of Architecture & Urban Planning.

Yanzhi Xue. (Photo/Chongqing University)

"Yanzhi Xue" utilized the stable triangular structure as its fundamental framework, creatively arranged in rotation to yield an elegant, streamlined single space. The transition from red to white in its color scheme symbolizes the delicate imprint of rouge on snow, blending practicality with aesthetic allure.

Yue Zhang. (Photo/Chongqing University)

"Yue Zhang" enveloped observers in a reflective journey amidst black and white piano keys, evoking the essence of the four seasons intertwined with human experiences. Its design, reminiscent of ancient philosophical musings, captivated viewers with its timeless appeal. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the world, it invited contemplation, transcending temporal and spatial boundaries, offering a glimpse into dreams amidst the clouds.


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