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Chongqing's Liberation Monument Area Tops National Consumption Charts During May Day Holiday

By YAN DENG|May 07,2024

Chongqing - During this year's May Day holiday, Chongqing saw a surge in tourism and consumption, with the Liberation Monument area ranking first nationwide in terms of consumer popularity according to data from Meituan, attracting 4.5 million visitors, recording a 5% year-on-year increase in foot traffic.

On May 5th, tourists take photos in front of the Liberation Monument on the pedestrian street in Yuzhong District. (Photo/Li Yuheng)

The city welcomed 1.6014 million overnight tourists during the holiday, marking an 11.3% increase compared to the previous year. Key tourist attractions monitored in the city received 6.849 million visitors, showing a comparable growth of 7.2%. The city's total consumption also witnessed a substantial rise, up by 8.1% from the same period last year. 

Various districts of Chongqing contributed to this consumer frenzy by launching a series of promotional activities. The Yuzhong District organized an International Consumer Festival, with major shopping malls and streets across the region collectively investing 2 billion yuan ($276 million) in promotions. Meanwhile, Jiangbei District showcased a combination of cultural and tourism activities, with major supermarkets offering discounts totaling 150 million RMB. Additionally, the Jiangbei Yangpao Bureau launched the "Chongqing Flavor 360 Bowls" tourism and gourmet event, featuring 28 local delicacies. Other districts such as Shapingba organized digital consumption festivals and festive events to boost cultural tourism and commerce development, while Jiulongpo District hosted over 20 key commercial promotion events.

In the central urban area, including the Liberation Monument, Guanyinqiao, Yangjiaping, Nanping, and Sanxia Square commercial districts, total consumption increased by 13% compared to last year.

During the holiday period, sectors such as catering, accommodation, leisure, and entertainment remained bustling, with the fusion of culture and tourism driving new consumer trends. City-wide, the catering industry saw an 11.1% increase in consumption, while the service industry experienced a 12.4% surge.

One Chongqing restaurant is packed with diners. (Photo/Zhou Ying)

Popular tourist destinations like Hongya Cave Scenic Area continued to attract visitors, topping the city's list with 624,000 visitors. Meanwhile, tourist numbers at Ciqikou Ancient Town reached 384,000, and the Martyrs' Cemetery on Gele Mountain welcomed 218,000 visitors. Even the Chongqing Natural History Museum saw a significant influx, hosting 106,000 visitors.

On the first day of the May Day holiday, Chongqing's Eighteen Steps Scenic Area received approximately 140,000 visitors, launching its inaugural Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Season, featuring four major intangible heritage-themed events. (Photo/Eighteen Steps Scenic Area)

The city's museums also witnessed a surge in popularity, with 28 thematic exhibitions and 48 special cultural and educational activities launched during the five-day holiday. As a result, the total number of visitors to the city's museums reached 1.2135 million, marking a 27% increase compared to last year.

Moreover, districts and counties such as Tongliang, Xiushan, Bishan, and Shizhu integrated resources in scenery, cuisine, cultural arts, and activities like flower appreciation and fruit picking, offering over 100 interactive experiences related to traditional culture, intangible cultural heritage, performances, nature, and technology. These activities, including the Wansheng Miao Ethnic Climbing Festival, Zhongxian Zhongcheng Cultural Tourism Month, Liangping Mingyue Mountain Bamboo Shoot Festival, and Pengshui "May Day" rendezvous in Chiyu Jiuli City, received enthusiastic participation from both locals and tourists.

Furthermore, for art enthusiasts, the city's theaters and performance spaces staged 282 performances during the May Day holiday, attracting approximately 75,000 spectators. Public art galleries across the city also presented 19 themed exhibitions, welcoming around 40,000 visitors.

In addition, the city's 43 public libraries and 41 cultural centers, which were open free to the public, received 475,800 visitors over the five days and provided online services to 726,500 individuals. 


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