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City Pioneers Low-Altitude Economy with Optimal Navigation, Diverse Landscapes

By ZHAN CHEN|May 07,2024

Chongqing - Driven by national policies and a vast market, cities across China are developing sophisticated strategies to tap into the burgeoning low-altitude economy.

Southwest China's Chongqing has developed a complete industry chain for the low-altitude economy, covering R&D, high-end materials, aero engines, UAV manufacturing, support services, and satellite applications, according to a press conference on May 6. 

Data shows that Chongqing hosts 40 key companies in the low-altitude economic equipment manufacturing sector, achieving an output value of 8.03 billion yuan (USD about 1.11 billion) in 2023, up 4.3% from the previous year.

Another notable development is that Chongqing is the sole location in southwest China, operating short-distance transport routes. In the year's first quarter, the city conducted 200 flights, transporting 732 passengers. 

It has initiated five pilot transport routes, including Liangping-Wulong and Qianjiang-Yongchuan, to establish an air network across various city regions.

The unmanned aerial vehicle flies in the sky of Liangping District, Chongqing. (Photo/Xiong Wei)

Liangping District in Chongqing is at the forefront of this initiative, striving to become a leading low-altitude city in western China with national influence.

Recognized as one of the initial pilot districts for the low-altitude economy, the district offers excellent navigation conditions and a variety of landscapes.

The district's unique pastoral scenery, which includes wetlands and cultural heritage, supports various low-altitude applications like cultural tourism. Additionally, its role as a hub for prepared foods and a strategic material reserve in western China enhances its low-altitude logistics capabilities, accommodating needs for efficient freight handling.

The press conference announced the creation of a one-billion yuan fund to boost low-altitude economic growth in the district. Businesses in sectors like aerial surveying, agriculture, and aviation tourism, earning over 5 million yuan annually, will receive 2% of their revenue subsidies, up to 1 million yuan.


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