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China Brand Day 2024 Highlights Chongqing's Signature Brands in Manufacturing, Landscape, and Food

By VIVIAN YAN|May 10,2024

ChongqingOn May 10, China Brand Day 2024 begins at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, featuring the Chongqing Exhibition Hall. This hall, designed with a partitioned layout and varied spatial levels, showcases eight brand dimensions, including manufacturing, design, architecture, landscape, food, culture, openness, and quality.

On May 10, China Brand Day 2024 begins at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, featuring the Chongqing Exhibition Hall. The main color of the Chongqing Pavilion is red, and its appearance highlights Chongqing's cultural tourism landmark, Hongya Cave, and urban elements. (Photo/ 2024 China Brand Day Organizer)

Continued rejuvenation of local automobile brands

At the exhibition hall, Zhou Lu, a staff member at Beidou Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. (BICV), introduced the MARS 02-smart cockpit, a virtual cockpit featuring extremely fast power-on, dual screens measuring 12.3 and 12.8 inches, and multi-mode technology that supports wake-up-free operation for all-scenario intelligent human-machine interaction at any time.

China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd.(CAERI), as China's first listed third-party technology innovation service company in the automotive industry, also stands out at the exhibition hall.

 "Currently, we focus on three key technology areas: safety, green, and experience, providing solutions, software data, and equipment," said Qin Yu, a CAERI employee. He added that CAERI is committed to ensuring transparent consumption and offering advisory support to promote fair and reasonable consumer practices.

"In 2023, Chongqing produced 2.318 million automobiles, ranking second nationwide and continuing the rejuvenation of local automobile brands," said Li Jianping, Deputy Director of Chongqing Development and Reform Commission. He noted that advanced manufacturing clusters, including globally leading intelligent vehicle brands, are rapidly progressing.

Highlights of Chongqing's NEV section at the Chongqing Pavilion. (Photo/ 2024 China Brand Day Organizer)

Citrus juice and natural heritage sites draw visitors to Chongqing

Numerous visitors savored their "LEJIANQICHENG" NFC orange juice, often commending its quality as they mingled and enjoyed the lively atmosphere.

"Our juice uses NFC technology and contains the juice of 4.5 fresh oranges per bottle, squeezed from 100% pure fruit with no water added, providing natural and wholesome nutritional benefits," said Yan Hao, a representative from Chongqing Three Gorges Citrus Group Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Three Gorges Reservoir Area, one of the world's original citrus cultivation sites with a history of nearly 4,000 years, is considered the best place globally for growing citrus.

Chongqing's citrus planting area currently covers about 3.9 million mu (2600 km²), producing nearly 4.4 million tons annually with a total output value of nearly RMB 100 billion.

Highlight the local consumer brands section at the Chongqing Pavilion. (Photo/ 2024 China Brand Day Organizer)

Additionally, Chongqing's world natural heritage sites—Wulong District Karst, Mount Jinfo in Nanchuan District, and Wulipo in Wushan County—and the world cultural heritage site Dazu Rock Carvings made a stunning debut at the China Brand Exposition in the Chongqing Exhibition Hall.

The unique geological features of Wulong District, including sinkholes, geological sutures, canyons, and mountains, represent nearly 2.6 million years of Earth's geological evolution. Notable attractions include the towering Three Natural Bridges, the stunning Furong Cave, and the intricate tunnels in the Heavenly Pit. The enchanting Fairy Mountain captivates visitors, making them reluctant to leave.

During the past May Day holiday, Chongqing received more than 6.849 million tourists, once again topping the list of popular domestic tourist destinations in China. This strongly indicates that the construction of the Bashu Cultural Tourism Corridor has achieved remarkable results, with the continuous expansion of the cultural and tourism brand influence.

Highlight the local cultural tourism brands section at the Chongqing Pavilion. (Photo/ 2024 China Brand Day Organizer)


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