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Driving Global IoT Innovation Ahead of Int'l Skills Competition

By HU HUI|May 10,2024

From real-time monitoring of natural disasters such as wildfires and landslides to widespread applications in smart homes and smart lighting, IoT (Internet of Things) technology is gradually affecting all aspects of people's lives. Before the upcoming Belt and Road International Skills Competition, Wu Xin, an expert on IoT technology, accepted an exclusive interview with reporters. He has long been engaged in research and applications in the fields of multimodal information fusion and computational intelligence, sensor and detection technologies, and spectral analysis technology.

Wu Xin, Internet of Things technology expert. (Photo/Zhao Guogan)

"IoT technology and information construction are closely linked," Wu said. "The core component of this IoT installation and commissioning competition lies in the early stage of hardware equipment debugging and network system construction. This is not only a comprehensive test of the contestants' theoretical knowledge, but also an in-depth examination of their practical abilities."

Wu also emphasized that the development of IoT technology is inseparable from cross-border cooperation and open innovation. He looks forward to seeing in-depth cooperation and exchanges between contestants from various countries in the field of IoT technology in the Belt and Road International Skills Competition and jointly promoting the innovation and development of IoT technology. At the same time, he hopes such competitions can inspire more young people's interest and enthusiasm for IoT technology and reserve more talents for future technological innovation.

In terms of the future development trends of IoT technology, Wu believes that with the ongoing advancements in technologies like 5G and AI, IoT technology will usher in a broader development space and application scenarios. He expects that in the near future, IoT technology will play a more important role in smart cities, smart transportation, smart healthcare, and other fields, bringing more convenience and well-being to people's lives.

Finally, Wu said that as a practitioner and educator in the field of IoT technology, he will continue to devote himself to the research and promotion of IoT technology and contribute to cultivating more outstanding IoT technical talents. He is also eager to work with global IoT colleagues through the competition to drive further innovation and development in the field.


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