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Visual Chongqing | Weekly City Views on April 29-May 5

By SHIHAN YANG|May 10,2024
Pedestrians with umbrellas stroll on an ancient bridge over the Laixi River in Rongchang District of Chongqing, creating a scenic landscape. Photo by Zhang Chengjie/Visual Chongqing
At Jinfo Mountain, Nanchuan District of Chongqing, the azaleas on the mountains and the sea of clouds in the distance reflect each other, showing endless poetic and picturesque feelings. Photo by Zhao Zhi/Visual Chongqing
In the evening, ships sail through the Wu Gorge under the setting sun, capturing a romantic shipping scene. Photo by Tan Changfan/Visual Chongqing
In Nan’an District of Chongqing, the Great Golden Eagle stands on the top of Nanshan Mountain, overlooking the sea of clouds churning. Photo by Zhang Xin/Visual Chongqing
In Nanchuan District of Chongqing, the winged kingfishers dance around like nature’s agile dancers. Photo by Luo Jian/Visual Chongqing
In Nanchuan District of Chongqing, flowing clouds and mist are like waterfalls pouring down from the mountains, displaying the masterpiece of nature. Photo by Luo Chuan/Visual Chongqing
In Shixi Town, the warm morning sun awakes the town, opening a bright and warm day. Photo by Liu Lin/Visual Chongqing

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