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Wulong Marks 30 Years of Tourism with Grand Celebrations, Bold Goals

By XINYI LI|May 10,2024

Chongqing - On May 9, a press conference unveiled plans for the “5.19 China Tourism Day” Chongqing (Wulong) Celebratory Session and the 30th Anniversary of Wulong Tourism Festivities. To mark three decades of tourism development, Wulong District will host a series of unique events from May 19 through the end of the year, highlighting the superior accomplishments of Wulong’s tourism sector and extending an invitation to both locals and tourists.

Tourists fly kites on the vast grasslands of Chongqing Wulong Fairy Mountain. (Photo/Wulong District)

Since the 1994 inauguration of the Furong Cave Scenic Area, Wulong tourism has undergone three pivotal transformations, evolving from a nascent stage to a cornerstone industry. Today, Wulong stands as a renowned international travel destination, having achieved significant advancements in industrial development and infrastructure enhancement, broadening the wealth-enhancing impact of tourism, cultivating a global brand presence, and making noteworthy ecological improvements.

Stalactites in the Furong Cave Scenic Area. (Photo/Wulong District)

In terms of industrial development, Wulong has meticulously refined its six principal cultural and tourism industry chains, encompassing educational tours, sports, wellness, wedding services, arts, and general services. In 2023, Wulong attracted roughly 44.94 million visitors, generating a total tourism revenue of 21.7 billion yuan (3.01 billion U.S. dollars), substantially improving the living standards of the local population.

Tourists camp on the vast grasslands of Chongqing Wulong Fairy Mountain. (Photo/Wulong District)

Infrastructure advancements include the completion of the Chongqing-Hunan Expressway Double-track and the construction of the Chongqing-Hunan High-speed Rail, both of which have drastically reduced travel times between Wulong and Chongqing’s central urban areas. Additionally, Chongqing Xiannvshan Airport has established 11 flight routes that connect to 16 domestic cities, significantly enhancing the mobility of talent and resources.

Chongqing Xiannvshan Airport. (Photo/Chongqing Xiannvshan Airport)

In terms of enriching the local community, employment within the tourism sector has also been transformative for the local community, with over 100,000 individuals engaged, including 30,000 who have risen out of poverty through tourism-related jobs.

In terms of branding, Wulong has garnered numerous national and international accolades, including the prestigious “World Natural Heritage” award, greatly boosting its global stature.

Wulong Karst World Natural Heritage Museum. (Photo/Wulong Tourism Industry Group)

Ecologically, the Wulong urban area boasts an impressive air quality rate of 94.2%, positioning its main ecological indicators among the city’s best.

The 30th-anniversary commemorative events will extensively showcase Wulong’s natural splendor and cultural richness, featuring activities such as the inaugural Low-altitude Flight Festival. Looking ahead, Wulong will persist in prioritizing tourism, ecological sustainability, and industrial integration. By 2026, the objectives are to draw 50 million visitors, host 6 million ticketed tourists, amass a total tourism revenue of 24.5 billion yuan (about 3.403 billion US dollars), and ensure that the cultural and tourism sectors constitute 13% of the GDP.


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