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Chongqing's Global Logistics Vision: Insights Ahead of Int'l Skills Competition


Chongqing - "With the accelerated construction of the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, the transportation network's improvement is strengthening economic connections among various countries and boosting trade frequency. This underscores the crucial role of the international transportation industry in global economic exchanges." Ahead of the Belt and Road International Skills Competition, Mou Yanhong, site manager of the Logistics and Freight Forwarding Program and a member of the Technical Expert Group, accepted an exclusive interview with reporters.

Mou Yanhong, site manager of the Logistics and Freight Forwarding Program. ( Photo/ Zhao Guogan.)

Mou said the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor is pivotal in propelling high-quality development in the western region as part of the Belt and Road Initiative. Situated at the nexus of China's western hinterland and key coastal and border ports, Chongqing stands poised to capitalize on unprecedented logistics industry opportunities amid globalization.

Mou was the technical expert team leader and referee of the 47th WorldSkills Competition Chongqing Selection Competition for the Freight Forwarding Project and is now the vice dean and associate professor at the Business School of Chongqing City Management Vocational College. She has 17 years of front-line teaching experience, built the Chongqing Municipal Boutique Online Open Course, presided over and researched several provincial, ministerial, and industry topics, and guided her students to win the first prize in the National Vocational College Skills Competition in Customs Skills Competition.

“Logistics and Freight Forwarding focuses on international transportation services in all aspects.” She mentioned that the answering language of the logistics and freight forwarding project in this competition is English, and its competition content encompasses seven modules, specifically: work organization and management, customer relationship maintenance, commercial transport operation, cost and price analysis, information and communication technology application, emergency management ability and sustainability strategy. There are also many sub-tasks in each module. For example, in the Commercial Transportation Operations module, participants are tested on their ability to make import and export customs declarations and inspections, maritime transport documents, air transport documents, land transport documents, and other practical tasks. These tasks not only require participants to have solid professional knowledge but also require them to respond flexibly to various practical scenarios and show excellent problem-solving ability and professionalism.

“The freight forwarding program has not been developed for a long time, and it was first listed as a new demonstration project in the 44th World Skills Competition in 2017 and became an official entry in the 45th World Skills Competition in 2019.” She said she hoped that through this competition, excellent skilled talents would be selected so that more young people would understand logistics and freight forwarding projects, participate in the skills movement, and identify with the skills to become a success, creating a social atmosphere of respect for skills. At the same time, it builds a platform for participants from different countries to exchange experiences, practice their skills, and enhance friendships.


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