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The Secrets of Reliable Network Connections: Insights Ahead of Int'l Skills Competition

By JINGGU, JIANG|May 15,2024

Chongqing - "Information network cabling is closely related to our daily lives, and our everyday activities depend on it," said Peng Lin, an industry expert, in a recent interview. He shared insights about the information network cabling competition, which is part of the upcoming Belt and Road International Skills Competition set to commence on June 24th.

Peng Lin, Director of the Information Technology Department at Chongqing Industrial Technician College, explained that network cabling technicians will use specialist knowledge to design and install Wide Area Networks (WAN), Local Area Networks (LAN), and Cable TV systems. They are expected to understand the types of cables and how they work together to create a successful network.

Students conduct information network cabling training. (Photo/Chongqing Industrial Technician College)

The information network cabling competition will be held in an individual format, with a total duration of six hours. The competition consists of three modules: fiber optic cabling systems, structured cabling systems, and speed and quality testing. Participants must use professional tools to plan and design according to international standards and install telecommunications and network communication infrastructure, including cables and termination equipment.

"The fiber optic cabling competition module involves high-level splicing techniques," said Peng Lin. "Although this process may seem simple, the fiber diameter is extremely fine, tens of times thinner than a human hair, requiring participants to have exceptional patience and skilled operational techniques."

Peng Lin also explained that the fiber optic cabling module will simulate outdoor fiber splicing scenarios to achieve inter-building networking and ensure smooth network signals. This module significantly tests the participants' craftsmanship and practical application abilities. The focus is on the system's reliability and precise layout to maximize the effectiveness of network cabling techniques and build high-speed information channels.


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