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Chongqing Leads the Efforts to Ensure the Land-Sea Connections | Insights


Chongqing - As the 2024 Land-Sea Economic Forum approaches, Bridging News interviewed Dr. Parag Khanna, a renowned global strategist and CEO of AlphaGeo. Khanna offered valuable insights into China's evolving role in global connectivity and trade.

Dr. Khanna underscored the significant potential of Asia, particularly its youthful demographic, emphasizing that "our future as a species in the world is going to be driven by Asian youth." He thinks it is important to enhance integration and cooperation within the region and maintain its pivotal global status.

During the ongoing fourth wave of growth, South and Southeast Asia are becoming increasingly vital, boasting vibrant, fast-growing markets. Dr. Khanna identified these regions as strategic partners for Chinese businesses seeking international expansion opportunities.

"Right now, ASEAN, Southeast Asia has become one of China's largest trading partners," he said. He described the region as "young, vibrant, fast-growing, urbanizing, digitizing" and a beacon of opportunity for Chinese enterprises expanding abroad.

Dr. Khanna commends the Chinese industry and Chongqing's leadership for establishing strong land-sea connections that bridge diverse geographical and economic landscapes. Such initiatives are pivotal in bolstering global trade routes, driving economic growth, and promoting urban and social connectivity.

"The world is being reorganized around urban hubs like megacities," he said, highlighting the trend of migration towards urban centers, which are evolving into focal points of economic and social activity.

His message resonates as a call to continue collaborating and innovating to construct global networks that drive economic growth and enhance social connectivity within urban centers.

(Deng Yawen, as an intern, also contributed to this report.)


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