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Diplomatic Envoys Explore Chongqing's Logistics and Medical Innovations


Chongqing—On May 18, during the "China, An Opportunity: Chongqing Brands Global Promotion" Diplomatic Envoys' Trip to Chongqing, the envoys visited the International Logistics Hub in Inland China Exhibition Center and Chongqing Haifu Medical Technology. They gained in-depth insights into Chongqing's achievements in international trade and witnessed its advancements in technology.

Envoys explored the International Logistics Hub in the Inland China Exhibition Center. (Photo/Zhao Guogan)

In the morning, the envoys participated in the 2024 Land-Sea Economic Forum launch ceremony and China An Opportunity: Chongqing Brands Global Promotion. At the ceremony, envoys from various countries and city leaders jointly initiated the global promotion initiative, highlighting Chongqing's strategic position and development potential in the global economy.

Envoys participated in the launching ceremony of the 2024 Land-Sea Economic Forum and the China, An Opportunity: Chongqing Brands Global Promotion. (Photo/Zhao Guogan)

After lunch, the envoys proceeded to the International Logistics Hub in the Inland China Exhibition Center for a comprehensive overview of Chongqing's strategic initiatives and latest developments as the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor. As a pivotal logistics hub in Western China, Chongqing has emerged as a critical node connecting inland China with the global market through its strategic geographical location and continuous infrastructure enhancements. The center illustrated Chongqing's essential functions and accomplishments as the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, vividly showcasing the city's efforts in developing an inland open highland through high-tech displays such as digital simulations and models.

Envoys visited the International Logistics Hub at the Inland China Exhibition Center. (Photo/Zhao Guogan)

Argentine Ambassador to China Marcelo Gabriel Suárez Salvia emphasized that as trade continues to expand, China and Argentina must engage in more interactive cooperation in logistics. "Chongqing is strategically located in China, with extensive and modern infrastructure that facilitates the entry of Argentine products into the Chinese market and vice versa." Wong Choo Sin, the Economic Counsellor at the Embassy of Singapore in China, praised Chongqing's impressive integration of air, land, and sea transport into a unified system. As the gateway to Western China, Chongqing has established a vast distribution network connecting Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and Europe. This strategic positioning underpins Singapore's collaboration with Chongqing on the connectivity initiative. "We look forward to deeper cooperation with Chongqing in logistics. By digitizing essential services such as customs clearance, we can enhance the logistics network's seamlessness, convenience, and resilience for efficient goods distribution."

Additionally, after visiting the Chongqing International Logistics Hub Park, Cambodian Ambassador to China Soeung Rathchavy expressed her wish to establish a Cambodian National Pavilion in the park. She promptly added the park's manager as a WeChat contact, aiming to further discuss and detail the pavilion's setup and operation. She stressed her strong desire to establish the Cambodian National Pavilion to foster bilateral cooperation and exchange.

In the afternoon, the envoys visited Chongqing Haifu Medical Technology to observe the city's significant advancements in high-tech medical fields, particularly ultrasound-focused surgery technology. This technology highlights the competitiveness and innovation of Chongqing enterprises in the global medical technology sector, offering less invasive treatment options for patients. Nicaraguan Ambassador to China, Michael Rene Campbell Hooker, stated that since 2007, Nicaragua has been heavily investing in its healthcare sector. "Healthcare in Nicaragua is free, and we provide comprehensive services ranging from vaccinations to oncology preventive care. Therefore, partnering with Haifu Technology and companies in Chongqing is an absolute priority for us. This technology is highly appealing to Nicaragua and other developing countries."

This series of activities not only strengthened friendly relations with various countries but also laid a solid foundation for future international cooperation. Through ongoing international exchanges and collaboration, it is anticipated that the development of the global economy and technology will be jointly promoted. By engaging in profound exchanges with representatives from around the world, Chongqing not only highlighted its economic and technological achievements but also solidified a robust foundation for future international cooperation.

(Li Tao, Han Bing, and Han Xi, as interns, also contributed to this report.)


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