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"Let's Meet": Chongqing Longevity Eggs Bring Chinese Flavor to Solomon Islands

By XINGYING, CHEN|May 30,2024

The first all-English international broadcast program in Chongqing, "Let's Meet," produced by the Western China International Communication Organization, will be aired on Chongqing Satellite TV on May 29.

Exclusive Interview with ambassadors and senior diplomats from Nine Countries

At the first Chongqing Land-Sea Economic Forum, nine ambassadors and senior diplomats from various countries gathered to discuss the future of economics, culture, and bilateral relationships. In the previous episode on May 25, we heard unique insights on bilateral cooperation from the ambassadors and senior diplomats of Germany, Honduras, and Cambodia. In this episode, we continue this fascinating dialogue with distinguished ambassadors and senior diplomats from Argentina, Serbia, and Nicaragua.

The Argentine Ambassador to China stated that Chongqing, as an important economic center in western China, is a crucial trade hub for Argentina. He emphasized Chongqing's strategic position as an inland city, along with its well-developed logistics and transportation networks, making it an ideal partner for trade cooperation with Argentina. The ambassador also expressed his hope to strengthen economic and trade cooperation between Argentina and Chongqing, promoting mutual exchange and cooperation in agricultural products, industrial goods, and services.

The Nicaraguan Ambassador to China highlighted that participating in the "Belt and Road" cooperation enables Nicaragua to better integrate into the global economic system, expand foreign trade and investment opportunities, and promote infrastructure construction and economic development. He stated that through cooperation with partner countries such as China, Nicaragua will continue to deepen bilateral relations and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

The Minister Counselor of the Serbian Embassy in China emphasized Serbia's desire to collaborate with Chongqing to advance the "China-Europe Railway Express" project during his speech at the forum. He pointed out that the "China-Europe Railway Express" serves as a crucial logistics channel connecting China and Europe, promoting trade and strengthening regional cooperation. The Minister Counselor expressed Serbia's hope to deepen cooperation with Chongqing and jointly promote the "China-Europe Railway Express" project, enhancing economic ties and cultural exchanges between the two regions and injecting new impetus into their development.

Exotic Flavor of Chongqing Longevity Eggs: Chinese Taste on the Dining Tables of Solomon Islands Residents

The Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, neighboring agricultural powerhouses Australia and New Zealand, have recently sparked a trend by importing Longevity eggs from Chongqing, China. This exotic ingredient has caused quite a stir in this tropical island nation. Let's follow the program to explore the Chinese flavors on the dining tables of Solomon Islands residents.

“Looking China Youth Film Project” Chongqing Tour 


In the previous episode, we introduced young foreigners from Greece and Russia who captured the distinctive scenery of Chongqing with their unique perspectives. Today, we continue to follow the "Foreign Youth Image Project: Exploring Chongqing" and delve deeper into more stories about this charming city. Let's step into this vibrant and enchanting city together and experience Chongqing through their lenses.

 The Girl Danced with Whales

A stunning video has recently sparked discussions on social media. In the video, Xie Binzhu, a girl from Chongqing, embarked on a thrilling and magnificent diving journey with a massive humpback whale while vacationing in Mauritius. The brave girl's intimate interaction with the humpback whale has left people in awe as they co-wrote a wonderful oceanic symphony, becoming a trending topic on social media. Let's delve into this enchanting diving experience to explore the courage and beauty it embodies.

Polish Vlogger Kaja Kubicka’s Trip to Chongqing

We recently had the privilege of inviting renowned video blogger Kaja Kubicka to Chongqing to explore the charm of this city from her unique perspective. Kaja will lead us to appreciate the beauty of Chongqing's landscape, showcasing the city's unique scenery and cultural allure. Let's look forward to experiencing the beauty of Chongqing through her eyes.

Double-Width Rotating Bridge on Chengdu-Chongqing Railway Rotates Smoothly

A double-track rotary bridge weighing 14,000 tons on the Chengdu-Chongqing Railway smoothly completed a seamless counterclockwise rotation in 110 minutes, attracting widespread attention from netizens. The video tweet showcased this spectacular scene, leaving people marveling at the miraculous nature of China's infrastructure development. Many netizens expressed their admiration, praising China's rapid development and outstanding achievements. One netizen commented, "The speed and achievements of China's development are unpredictable and amazing!" Another netizen remarked, "China always manages to astound the world, and it continues to do so." This video once again highlights China's remarkable achievements in infrastructure construction, sparking anticipation and praise for China's future development.

"Let's Meet" airs every Wednesday and Saturday at 18:00 (BST, 6:00 am EST) on Chongqing TV and is broadcast on various global platforms such as the Bridging News app, iChongqing website, Western Pass Video, WeChat Official Account, Weibo, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.


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