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European Travel Agents Explore Chongqing's Cultural Delights

By YAN DENG|May 31,2024

Chongqing - From May 26 to 31, the "European Travel Agents Tour to China" event took place in Chongqing, hosting 40 travel agents from France and Spain. These delegates arrived via direct flights from Paris and Madrid to experience the rich cultural offerings of Chongqing.

The travel agents visited the Wulong Three Nature Bridges. (Photo/The event organizer)

Organized by the Bureau of International Exchange and Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and hosted by the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development, the event aimed to capitalize on visa-free entry and simplified payment processes. This initiative is designed to boost European inbound tourism to China, leveraging direct flights between Chongqing and major European cities like Paris and Madrid. 

During their week-long stay in Chongqing, the travel agents visited significant sites such as the Dazu Rock Carvings, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; the Wulong Karst, a World Natural Heritage site; and popular tourist attractions like the Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area and the Gongtan ancient town.

The travel agents visited the Liangping District. (Photo/The event organizer)

They also explored trendy spots such as the Jiefangbei commercial district, Chongqing Grand Theatre, and Chongqing Zoo, and they enjoyed a night cruise on the Yangtze River to marvel at Chongqing's vibrant nightlife.

The agents experienced live performances including the "Impression Wulong" and "Dazu Rock Carvings" films and traditional bonfire parties in Youzhou Ancient City, providing a deep dive into Chongqing's cultural heritage. 

They also indulged in local delicacies like Chongqing hotpot, Chongqing noodles, and Tujia Eight Bowls, experiencing the region's unique and spicy flavors.

Many delegates expressed their admiration for Chongqing. Veronique Uhrich, Product Manager of Parfums Du Monde, France, said, "The city is stunning; I particularly love nature, and the Dazu Baoding Mountain Rock Carvings in Dazu District left a profound impression on me. After returning, I plan to organize tour groups to Chongqing and explore developing new products such as family tours and tours tailored for seniors."

Antonio Luis Teuero Fenton of the Spanish Travel Agency said, "I love Chongqing; it's a fantastic city with great weather and friendly people. The food was amazing, and we enjoyed it very much. But overall, it's the culture here that stands out. "

"We're very happy to be in Chongqing and hope that more Spanish people will come to visit China. It's important for Spain and China to understand each other because we are friendly countries," he added.

Every aspect of Chongqing left a strong impression on the visitors, who also attended an international travel promotion meeting at the Chongqing Window of International Culture and Tourism. This event facilitated one-on-one business discussions between the delegates and local tourism enterprises, exploring potential collaboration opportunities.

The international travel promotion meeting will occur at the Chongqing Window of International Culture and Tourism. (Photo/The event organizer)

Participants praised Chongqing's rich tourism resources and the appeal of the visa-free policy and direct flights. They expressed plans to design and promote new travel itineraries for Chongqing, using the direct flights from Paris and Madrid as a gateway and expanding to surrounding regions in China.

This event builds on previous promotional efforts, including the "Nihao! China" tourism promotion in France and the "Nihao! Chongqing" event in Madrid. It is part of broader efforts to foster cultural and tourism exchanges between China and Europe. 

Concurrently, the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development, in collaboration with Chongqing Airport Group and several airlines, invited travel agents and media representatives from Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, India, Jordan, Egypt, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, and Macau to Chongqing for similar promotional activities.

(Han Xi, and Li Tao, as interns, also contributed to the report)


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