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'Breath · Growth · Courage': Yang Zhao's Art Exhibition at Niccolo Chongqing

By XINYI LI|Jun 02,2024

Chongqing—From June 1 to June 30, 2024, the 4th floor of Niccolo Chongqing will host the art exhibition "Breath · Growth · Courage." 

This exhibition features the acclaimed artist Yang Zhao, a native of Chongqing who currently resides in Bauska, Latvia. It will showcase 20 of her watercolor and oil paintings. From June to July, the hotel's Tea Lounge will also offer a special afternoon tea inspired by her works.

From June 1 to June 30, 2024, the fourth floor of Niccolo Chongqing will present the art exhibition "Breath · Growth · Courage." (Photo/Li Xinyi)

On May 31, Yang conducted an engaging sharing session at Niccolo Chongqing. During the session, she shared her upbringing, life stories in Latvia, and sources of inspiration, and she had in-depth interactions with the audience. She remarked, "People often describe my paintings as fairy tales, which I consider a high compliment. Fairy tales use concise language to capture core twists and turns, ignoring the passage of time and obstacles to regaining happiness. Comparing my paintings to fairy tales is my greatest honor."

Parts of Yang Zhao's exhibited works. (Photo/Li Xinyi)

Yang's works exhibit a profound connection with nature, featuring a rich array of animals and plants. She stated, "All life forms on Earth are equal to humans. I do not believe humans can dominate any life form."

Her notable works, Mishi Yu Daolu (literally Lost and Found) (2022) and Xiatian Xiang Yiwei Keqi De Fangke (literally Summer as a Polite Visitor) (2024), have garnered significant interest from the audience. Describing Mishi Yu Daolu, she said, "The leaves are illuminated by the sun, and I wonder where I come from, where my longing heart comes from. It feels like a gift, where the infinity of others in the past is my freedom today." Regarding Xiang Yiwei Keqi De Fangke, she mentioned, "The summer here is very short but sunny. These beautiful and delicate memories are unforgettable... I wish I could hold on to the summer visitor... but alas, hello, goodbye."

Yang Zhao shares the inspiration and story behind her work Mishi Yu Daolu. (Photo/Li Xinyi)

The theme of this exhibition, "Breath · Growth · Courage," not only aligns with Yang's inner state but also reflects her understanding and expression of art. She explained that this theme was jointly decided with the Jinse Gallery team, symbolizing the emotional experience and inner enlightenment she wishes to convey.

The timing of the exhibition, coinciding with Children's Day, was not intentionally planned but rather a fortunate alignment with the opportunity provided by Niccolo Chongqing. Yang expressed her gratitude, stating, "I am deeply honored to collaborate with Niccolo Chongqing to showcase my works in such an exceptional venue. Niccolo's emphasis on art and humanities makes this role as a sharing guest particularly exciting for me."

Yang Zhao's work Xiang Yiwei Keqi De Fangke. (Photo/Li Xinyi)

Yang aspires to convey joy, freedom, courage, and gentle strength to both children and parents through this exhibition. She shared, "I wish everyone happiness; may you transform each unique day into the best day of your life."

As an artist from Chongqing who has flourished abroad, Yang understands and appreciates her hometown's cultural and artistic atmosphere. She observes that Chongqing's cultural and artistic environment is continually improving, evidenced not only by urban development and greening but also by the emergence and expansion of new art galleries and museums. She remarked, "People are gradually making art exhibitions as common as going to the movies, significantly enhancing the city's cultural sophistication and aesthetic appreciation."

The audience is taking photos of Yang Zhao's works. (Photo/Li Xinyi)

Yang also believes that the growth of cultural tourism in Chongqing positively impacts artistic creation. She stated, "The development of cultural tourism elevates people's quality of life, spiritual needs, and recognition of the city's value, thereby significantly enhancing personal aesthetics."

Yang holds high hopes for the young artists in Chongqing. She encourages them to bravely pursue their dreams and embrace the twists and turns of life. She advised, "Do not fear or avoid the bends in life. Who knows, you might overtake others on one of these bends, moving from behind to the forefront."


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