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Belt and Road Skills Competition in Chongqing to Highlight Electronic Technology

By HU HUI|Jun 06,2024

Chongqing - The Second Belt and Road International Skills Competition is set to open in Chongqing from June 24 to 26. Among the 18 projects in the competition, the electronic technology project has always attracted significant attention. What are the highlights of this year's competition? How are the contestants preparing? Recently, a reporter interviewed Huang Xin, the leader of the Chinese technical guidance expert group for the electronic technology project of the competition.

The electronic technology competition mainly includes the production and manufacturing of electronic equipment, programming and debugging, testing, and troubleshooting. It primarily evaluates the contestants' technical skills in the design, assembly, and debugging of electronic equipment. Contestants are required to independently complete three tasks: hardware design, embedded system programming, and circuit fault diagnosis, measurement, and repair within the specified time. This is a significant test of the contestants' physical and psychological qualities.

Huang Xin (left) discusses tactics with the players during the competition. (Photo/Huang Xin) 

In recent years, the electronic technology project has become one of the main events in the competition. It examines the comprehensive professional abilities of contestants by implementing real work tasks. "The contestants need to install, weld, debug, troubleshoot, and repair the circuit according to the component list and schematic diagram within the specified time and finally produce an electronic product," Huang said. The judges will use the functions achieved by the product as the judging criteria. The product function must not only be visible but also understandable. Otherwise, no matter how novel and unique the contestant's design is, it will not earn any points.

As an international expert referee of the World Skills Organization, Huang is a leader in the electronic technology industry and has witnessed the development and growth of electronic technology talents in China. Huang said that electronic technology is the most widely used skill in daily life. "From our daily consumer goods and electronic components to military, aviation, aerospace, and other high-tech fields, they are all related to electronic technology," Huang noted that with the rapid development of the Internet and artificial intelligence, the demand for skilled talents in the electronic technology industry is also growing.

Huang is pleased that China has now formed a complete set of advanced skill training systems, which has laid a good foundation for cultivating and reserving professional talents. He mentioned that as China's electronic information industry has become a world leader, many high-quality enterprises have participated in talent training, providing rich experience and sharing the latest achievements. This has pushed domestic electronic technology vocational education to a new level of improving quality, cultivating excellence, and adding value, leading to the cultivation of more and more outstanding professional and technical talents.

In Huang's view, hosting and participating in world-class events such as the Belt and Road International Skills Competition provides a platform for contestants from various countries to showcase their talents and learn from each other. It also offers a diversified talent exchange platform, helping contestants adapt to the international competition environment, enhance their skills and enterprising spirit, and improve their comprehensive abilities.


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