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Chongqing Unveils a Spectacular Cultural Feast for Dragon Boat Festival

By XINYI LI|Jun 06,2024

Chongqing - As June arrives, accompanied by the melodious songs of orioles and the graceful dances of swallows, the fragrant aroma of zongzi fills the air, heralding the annual Dragon Boat Festival. 

Cultural and tourism sectors, alongside scenic spots across Chongqing, have meticulously curated and launched hundreds of distinctive cultural and tourism activities centered around the theme of zongzi (glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves). These events invite tourists to immerse themselves in the allure of traditional culture and partake in a splendid Dragon Boat Festival journey.

Residents in Qianjiang are making zongzi. (Photo/Qianjiang District)

Dragon boat racing, a pivotal folk activity of the Dragon Boat Festival, will be fervently staged across various locations in Chongqing. On June 6, the 2024 Chongqing Dragon Boat Folk Event and the "Dazu Rock Carvings Cup" Chengdu-Chongqing Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament will commence at Chongqing Longshui Lake in Dazu, featuring 57 dragon boat teams and nearly 800 athletes. Additionally, dragon boat races will be held in Tongliang, Nanchuan, Wuxi, Zhongxian, Xiushan, and Jiangjin, presenting exhilarating water events highlighting speed and strength.

The Thousand-Hand Guanyin in Dazu Rock Carvings (Photo/Dazu District)

Public cultural service institutions across Chongqing will present more than 260 diverse Dragon Boat-themed exhibitions and performances, enriching the cultural experiences for citizens and tourists alike. Major museums in Chongqing have also thoughtfully designed interactive activities, including exhibitions, lectures, and handmade crafts, to educate visitors about the origins and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival while promoting traditional culture.

Throughout the festival, prominent performance venues across Chongqing will offer over a hundred diverse and captivating art performances, including dramas, Sichuan opera, concerts, and immersive shows. This will enable residents and tourists to savor an artistic feast and bask in the festive atmosphere.

The dragon boat competition in Youyang County. (Photo/Ran Chuan from Xinhua News Agency)

Major scenic spots in Chongqing have introduced a diverse array of themed activities to invigorate the cultural and tourism market during the Dragon Boat Festival. These include intangible cultural heritage performances, ancient town fairs, and folk experiences designed to captivate citizens and tourists alike. Scenic locations in Rongchang, Qianjiang, and Pengshui will host an array of vibrant cultural activities and food festivals, providing a colorful and enriching Dragon Boat holiday experience.

Dragon Boat Festival activities are designed for cooling off and water enjoyment, and they promise abundant fun. Liangping offers a whimsical bubble show and DIY summer ice cream events, while Chongqing Happy Valley hosts a series of summer-themed cooling activities, delivering a refreshing and invigorating summer experience. Meanwhile, districts and counties actively promote key commercial regions and nightlife economy areas, orchestrating various online and offline discount activities to boost holiday consumption enthusiasm.

Chongqing Happy Valley. (Photo/Chongqing Happy Valley)


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