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Window to Delight: Lisa's Sweet Journey to Pastry Artistry | Story

By Dai Yuan|Jun 06,2024

Chongqing At the fashion block Ecool in Chongqing's Liangjiang New Area, a haven for dessert enthusiasts has been quietly making waves with its unique fusion of French and Japanese pastry artistry. LISA YOUGASHI, the brainchild of founder Lisa Wang, offers a rich and flavorful journey that reflects her life philosophy: enjoy life and love life.

Lisa emphasizes both her desserts and window displays. (Photo/Lisa Wang)

Nestled in a cozy corner, reminiscent of a scene from a film inspired by its name, Pâtisserie Coin de Rue, the LISA YOUGASHI offers more than just an array of delectable treats. Lisa's desserts embody her belief that life is full of hope and joy, aiming to bring happiness to her clients.

With Ukrainian roots and a Chinese background, Lisa's early exposure to baking was through family traditions, especially from her Ukrainian grandmother, who often baked desserts for every holiday. This early influence, along with Lisa's inquisitive nature and strong business acumen, laid the groundwork for her future venture.

Despite initially pursuing a career in accounting, Lisa's love for baking never waned. The joy she felt when her handmade desserts were well-received by her colleagues inspired her to open an online store, which quickly gained a nationwide customer base.

After gaining experience and establishing a loyal clientele through her online shop and a wedding dessert business, Lisa opened a physical dessert shop to share her creations with a broader audience.

The creative U-shaped Napoleon innovated by Lisa has gained international recognition. (Photo/Lisa Wang)

In addition to its signature cake roll, which preserves the authentic taste with the use of fresh fruits, one of Lisa's innovative creations is the U-shaped Napolitain, a twist on the traditional French pastry. "Traditional Napolitains are block-shaped, which makes them difficult to bite and enjoy elegantly," Lisa explained. Her U-shaped mold, intended for easy consumption and mass production, has attracted local and international attention, with purchases from New Zealand, Malaysia, Australia, and other countries. To date, she has developed 30 flavors of this innovative pastry.

Beyond the quality of her desserts, Lisa places great emphasis on the shop's aesthetics. Inspired by the window displays she admired in Paris, she has made her shop's displays a local landmark. Changing with the seasons and special occasions, these displays, designed by Lisa herself, are frequently discussed on Chinese social media. "On Christmas Day, our shop is bustling with visitors who enjoy our desserts and take photos with our festive windows," she shares.

The window displays of LISA YOUGASHI have gone viral on Chinese social media. (Photo/Lisa Wang)

Innovation is a hallmark of Lisa's business, as evidenced by her customized cakes. She delves into the stories of each customer who commissions a cake, aiming to create a cake exclusive to their celebration. Recently, she introduced another innovative product: a biscuit package with an original postcard. Customers can write wishes on the postcard to send to their loved ones. Lisa believes handwritten notes are precious in this fast-paced information era and convey deeper feelings than printed messages. "You can keep the memory of the handwritten card even after the biscuits are gone," she says. 

Lisa attributes her success to a focus on quality and continuous innovation. Each season or holiday brings new products and themed window displays, keeping her business vibrant and engaging. 

Now in its sixth year, LISA YOUGASHI employs 15 staff members with clear divisions of responsibility, including dessert chefs, customer service representatives, media promoters, and front desk staff. Without grand plans for rapid expansion, Lisa hopes to continue exploring and innovating in her beloved business.

One of Lisa's new products features handwritten postcards paired with biscuits to deliver the significance of love expression through personal handwriting. (Photo/Lisa Wang)



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