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Baseball Enthusiast Dedicates 15 Years to Promoting the Sports丨Faces of Chongqing

By YAN DENG|Jun 07,2024

Chongqing - Over the past 15 years, Yuan Siping has been a trailblazing figure in Chongqing's baseball scene, dedicating her life to the sport she loves. 

Yuan's journey in baseball has involved numerous roles and diverse experiences. "I've held various positions in the world of baseball," she explains. "From player to match recorder, tactical board handler to coach, and even investor, these 15 years have been a journey filled with ups and downs."

"Baseball has been my lifelong friend and companion," Yuan said. "It taught me not just about the sport, but about perseverance and the will to fight through challenges."

Yuan attributes her personal growth and development to her involvement in baseball. "If I hadn't persisted in joining the team, I wouldn't have experienced the camaraderie and friendships forged over these 15 years," she reflects. "Baseball truly changed my life trajectory."

Yuan's dedication has led her to participate in various local competitions, such as the annual Panda Cup corporate league and the more recent Holiday Cup. However, her most memorable moment came in 2022 when she represented Chongqing at the national championships, helping her team secure second place.

Beyond her achievements on the field, Yuan excels in communication, coordination, and event planning. "Baseball is more than just a sport," she explains. "It's about fostering community and promoting cultural exchange."

Beyond playing, Yuan has been instrumental in organizing events like the Chongqing International Baseball Exchange Tournament and various youth activities. Since 2009, she has been a pivotal figure in promoting baseball within the local community and beyond, involving both student and adult teams. Her efforts continued with coordinating online events with Japanese teams and organizing the Holiday Cup slow-pitch softball league in 2022.

Yuan is committed to broadening baseball's appeal. "I plan to reach out to international communities and foreign enterprises to get more people involved, from schoolchildren to adults, and to help them understand and love the game as much as I do," she said. Yuan is currently working with the Chongqing Baseball and Softball Association to attract overseas teams and promote cultural exchange through the sport.

Yuan also coaches a youth baseball team, where she finds great joy in fostering new talent. "Watching these kids play, regardless of their skill level, you can see their genuine love for the game. It’s pure, and it's real," she said. Some of her young players already aspire to become coaches or even manage their own baseball-related businesses.

As for her philosophy, Yuan believes in following one’s passion: "There's nothing wrong with doing what you like. This curiosity and love for baseball will drive me to continue developing in this field, planning more cultural exchange activities, and helping more Chinese and foreign teams engage with the sport."

(Han Bing and Han Xi, as interns, also contributed to the report)


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