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China's Strides in Advancing 5G Development

By Xinhua|Jun 07,2024

People look at a 5G+ Hydrogen-powered unmanned tractor during the 13th Central China Investment and Trade Exposition (Expo Central China 2024) in Changsha, central China's Hunan Province, May 31, 2024. (Photo/Xinhua)

Beijing - Thursday marks the fifth anniversary of the issuance of the first batch of 5G licenses for commercial use in China.

Today, with over 3.7 million 5G base stations installed nationwide, the large-scale application of 5G in China has greatly benefited both individuals and businesses, bringing significant convenience and opportunities.

Here are some notable facts and figures about the country's 5G development.

-- In April 2020, China Mobile established a 5G base station at an altitude of 6,500 meters on Mount Qomolangma, which is the highest-altitude 5G base station in the world.

-- In June 2020, China completed the construction of its first underground 5G network in Shanxi Province, setting a record as the deepest underground 5G network in the world.

-- To date, 5G applications have been integrated into 71 out of 97 key economic categories in the country, and more than 94,000 5G commercialization projects have been launched.

-- China has over 800 million 5G mobile phone users currently, accounting for over 52 percent of the global total.

-- China aims to build 10,000 5G factories during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025).

-- In March 2024, China Mobile launched the world's first commercial 5G-A network in Hangzhou, capital city of east China's Zhejiang Province, with plans to expand to over 300 cities across China before the year-end.

5G-A marks a significant stride in the transition from 5G to 6G, viewed by many analysts as a precursor to future 6G technologies.

According to experts, while challenges persist in the evolution from 5G to 6G, each technological breakthrough and application innovation will unlock new possibilities for future industries and enhance the prospects of smart living.


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