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Chongqing-Made Cables Impress Global Markets with Technological Innovation

By CHANG CHEN|Jun 27,2024

Chongqing - Established in 1997, Chongqing Yufeng Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. has been making significant strides in the global market through technological innovation. The company has secured over a dozen difficult-to-obtain patents in Europe and the United States and won a major contract for the Qatar World Cup stadiums. Its products are now exported to numerous participating countries of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The production line of Chongqing Yufeng Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. (Photo/Chongqing Yufeng Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.)

Securing the Qatar World Cup contract

In 2016, Chongqing Yufeng, already a key domestic player, considered expanding overseas. "The domestic cable market is worth 3 to 4 trillion yuan and growing over 5% annually, but the international market is at least twice that size," says General Manager Zeng Lingguo.

To target international expansion, Yufeng joined Middle East Energy (MEE), a major global energy exhibition that has been running since 1975. "We had never done international business before and were both excited and nervous," Zeng recalls. Though no deals were secured immediately, valuable connections were made, prompting preparations for international certification.

In mid-2017, a Qatar construction company they met at MEE invited them to bid for the 2022 Qatar World Cup stadium project. Thrilled, Zeng and his team worked tirelessly, and by July, Yufeng won the contract, standing out among dozens of competitors.

"Qatar's high temperatures and the need for high fire resistance in crowded venues like stadiums played to our strengths," Zeng explains. Yufeng’s fire-resistant cables withstand over 1000 degrees Celsius for up to three hours, ensuring critical safety in a fire.

The production line of Chongqing Yufeng Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. (Photo/Chongqing Yufeng Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.)

Patents and certifications pave the way

Winning the World Cup contract marked the start of Yufeng’s international journey. To enter global markets, the company pursued international certifications from the EU, Germany, and the US. "Securing these certifications is like getting a passport for our products, making them more competitive internationally," says Zeng.

Achieving these certifications required a significant investment—over 10 million yuan. The effort paid off, with Yufeng passing rigorous standards like Switzerland's SGS, Europe's RoHS, the US's IATF16949, Canada's UL, and Germany's TÜV.

With these certifications, Yufeng began applying for international patents, leveraging their technological innovations. A notable success was obtaining a US patent for a structural process innovation, a challenging feat for Chinese companies. "The review process alone took two years, involving multiple rounds of video defenses with US patent experts," Zeng recalls.

Yufeng’s relentless innovation led to patents in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Russia, Japan, and other countries, bolstering their confidence and competitiveness in global markets.

The production line of Chongqing Yufeng Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. (Photo/Chongqing Yufeng Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.)

Pioneering smart cables

One of Yufeng's groundbreaking innovations is the development of smart cables that function like neural sensors. Collaborating with Chongqing University, Yufeng formed an R&D team of over 50 experts and invested millions annually. After nearly two years, they introduced the neural network cable.

With intelligent chips, these smart cables detect real-time conditions and transmit data to monitoring terminals using technologies like remote sensing, IoT, big data, and cloud computing. They can sense overheating, structural damage, and disconnection, addressing long-standing industry issues.

The company continuously improves and expands product functionalities, achieving annual sales growth exceeding 20%. In addition to international exhibitions, they use online platforms to boost trade. In 2023, they sold products to Egypt and secured orders in Singapore this year.

"We have sales networks in over ten countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Next, we plan to increase our presence in Southeast Asia and expand into Africa, aiming for $30 million in annual overseas sales," Zeng concluded.

(She Zhenfang, the Chinese reporter from Chongqing Daily, also contributed to this article.)


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