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Int'l Students Explore Cultural Riches of Chongqing's Hechuan District

By YAN DENG|Jun 27,2024

Chongqing - From June 24th to 25th, the "Nihao! Chongqing" International Students Cultural and Tourism Experience Tour to Hechuan District was held in Southwest China's Chongqing. 

Nearly 50 international students from 10 countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Belarus, and Indonesia, participated in the event. They engaged in thematic classroom sessions titled "This is Hechuan," and explored significant cultural sites such as Diaoyu Fortress, Nanpu Theater, and the Hechuan Gorge Inkstone Museum. This immersive experience provided a deep understanding of the natural and cultural fusion unique to Chongqing.

International students at Diaoyu Fortress. (Photo/Chongqing Window of International Culture and Tourism)

The event leveraged the combined efforts of government, academia, and enterprises. It was aligned with Chongqing University's "Chinese Cultural Practice" curriculum, integrating classroom instruction with practical experience to enhance the cultural and tourism perception of Hechuan among international students. This initiative aimed to encourage students to share Chongqing's story with the world.

On June 24th, Liu Lixin, Deputy Director of the Chongqing Hechuan District Culture and Tourism Development Committee conducted a "This is Hechuan" themed lecture at Chongqing University. Through multimedia presentations and interactive discussions, he highlighted the cultural and historical significance of Hechuan.

The following day, the international students visited the Diaoyu Fortress, Nanpu Theater, Wenfeng Ancient Street, and the Hechuan Gorge Inkstone Museum. They learned about the 36-year defense history of this heroic city, witnessed traditional Chinese theater performances, and experienced the unique charm of Sichuan opera, tea art, and shadow play. They also participated in the craft of making Hechuan Gorge Inkstones, gaining insight into the traditional art form lauded by famous Chinese poet Du Fu.

International students with performers at Nanpu Theater. (Photo/Chongqing Window of International Culture and Tourism)

As part of the curriculum, students will create videos and reports documenting their experiences to deepen their understanding of Hechuan. These materials will be shared on social media to positively promote Hechuan’s cultural tourism, sharing Chongqing's story with a global audience.

Li Xin, a teacher at Chongqing University and the main instructor for the "Chinese Cultural Practice" course, emphasized the university's recent efforts to integrate Chongqing's culture into educational materials and classroom activities. The goal is to foster international students' appreciation and love for Chongqing, enabling them to share their experiences and insights on international platforms.

International students at Wenfeng Ancient Street. Photo/Chongqing Window of International Culture and Tourism)

This event marked the culmination of the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development's "Tell the World About Chongqing" series, which includes themed activities like "Diplomats Speak," "Travel Traders Speak," "Foreign Media Speak," "Foreign Enterprises Speak," "Overseas Chinese Speak," and "International Students Speak." These initiatives invite foreigners to deeply explore Chongqing's scenic spots, performances, and intangible cultural heritage sites.


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