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They Work Day and Night to Prevent Flooding

By RAN ZHENG|Jun 28,2024

Chongqing - Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, already impacted by heavy rainfall, faces ongoing weather challenges. 

From June 29 to 30, the Chongqing Meteorological Bureau forecasts mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers, especially in the southern areas, while others face the risk of heavy rain and flooding. As a precaution, some preemptive evacuations have been made for safety.

Precipitation Forecast for Chongqing from 8:00 AM, June 30 to 8:00 AM, July 1. (Graphic/Chongqing Meteorological Bureau)

Due to adverse weather conditions, 24 districts and counties in Chongqing activated a Level IV emergency flood control response on June 26. This response follows rising levels in small and medium-sized rivers and localized heavy rainfall, prompting action from the city's relevant departments.

On June 27, the Nanan District Emergency Management Bureau's professional rescue team patrolled along the Yangtze River. (Photo/Guo Xu)

Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County in southeastern Chongqing faces high risks from heavy rainfall and geological disasters. On June 26, Shizhu initiated a dual emergency response for flood control and geological hazards. Local authorities, including meteorological and water conservancy bureaus, are vigilant, with round-the-clock duty systems and town leaders coordinating flood control efforts on-site.

Preemptive evacuations in response to potential threats have relocated 61 residents from 24 high-risk households to safer areas in Shizhu. Local authorities conduct thorough inspections of flood-prone areas, flash flood zones, and tourist spots to ensure safety measures are in place.

The intensity of the situation was highlighted by an incident in Huangshan village, Changsha town, Kaizhou District, where a landslide following a record rainfall of 78.2 millimeters in 24 hours disrupted a 40-meter section of road.

Village Party Secretary Zhang Yuanjun and several villagers acted swiftly, establishing a safety perimeter and preventing access to the hazardous site. Their prompt action played a critical role in averting potential accidents.

After hours of relentless work, Zhang's team cleared the road with the help of an excavator. Zhang personally inspected the site to ensure its safety before allowing traffic to resume. "Safety is our priority," Wan emphasized, underscoring their commitment to ensuring a secure passage for everyone.

Meanwhile, the Chongqing Transportation Bureau reported water impacts on 14 roads, yet major national and provincial highways remain open. The city has deployed 14,000 personnel to inspect 128,000 kilometers of roads, 14,300 bridges, and 2,235 tunnels, ensuring transportation routes remain secure during this challenging period.

"The city's highway system is well-prepared for emergencies, with 1,600 personnel and 343 pieces of heavy machinery on standby to handle any urgent repairs or clearances," said an official with the Chongqing Municipal Highway Affairs Center.


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