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Chongqing's "Foreign Magnetism" | Let's Meet ⑮

By NAIYI, YANG|Jun 29,2024

Chongqing—The first all-English international broadcast program in Chongqing, the 15th episode of "Let's Meet," produced by the Western China International Communication Organization, will be aired on Chongqing Satellite TV on June 29.

Chongqing's "Foreign Magnetism"

Chongqing, as one of the core cities of the Belt and Road Initiative, has attracted many foreign companies over the years, including several Fortune 500 firms. We call this city’s attraction to foreign markets “foreign magnetism.”In today’s “Bridging News,”  let’s find out which companies are drawn to Chongqing’s “foreign magnetism.”

The Impact of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Since its launch in 2013, its become one of the most iconic projects under the Belt and Road Initiative. What benefits has this corridor brought to Pakistan? Were fortunate to have Professor Zamir Awan, Deputy Director of the China Study Center at the National University of Sciences and Technology in Islamabad, to explain it to us.


James Explores the Chongqing Industrial Museum

We all know that Chongqing is an industrial city with a long history of manufacturing. Many years ago, there used to be a very famous factory called Chongqing Steel Plant. With the factorys relocation, the old site has taken on a new life as a fascinating industrial museum. Lets join James to learn about the past and present of this historic site.

International Student Lily from Chongqing University

In todays Faces of Chongqing,” well meet another international student, Lily, from Turkmenistan. Lets get to know what has left the deepest impression on her while studying in Chongqing.

Explore Chongqing Heavenly Pit with Alex Absolute

The main urban areas of Chongqing are bustling and magical, but there are many beautiful places in Chongqings districts and counties. In todays Vloggers in Chongqing, well leave the main urban area and follow blogger Alex Absolute to a beautiful and magical placethe largest sinkhole in the world: Fengjie Heavenly Pit.


"Let's Meet" airs every Wednesday and Saturday at 18:00 on Chongqing TV and is broadcast on various global platforms such as the Bridging News app, iChongqing website, WeChat Channels, WeChat Public Account, Weibo, YouTube, X (Former Twitter), and Facebook.





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