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Mr. Taster in Chongqing | Let's Meet ⑰

By NAIYI, YANG|Jul 07,2024

Chongqing- The first all-English international broadcast program in Chongqing, the 17th episode of "Let's Meet," produced by the Western China International Communication Organization, will be aired on Chongqing Satellite TV on July 6th.

In today's program, we will step out of the studio and take you to the bustling streets of Chongqing, embarking on a culinary adventure with international food vlogger Mr. Taster.

Mr. Taster, an Englishman living in Dubai, has a passion for food. He has traveled to 35 countries, tasting and documenting local delicacies, and has attracted over three million followers. This time, he has come to the vibrant mountain city of Chongqing to begin his food exploration.

First Encounter with the Mountain City: From Unknown to Surprise

Talking about his first impression of Chongqing, Mr. Taster candidly admitted that he had never heard of the city's name before, even once thinking it was just a village-sized place. However, when he finally set foot on this land, he was astonished by Chongqing's prosperity. The warmth and kindness of Chongqing's people gave him boundless energy, and the city's unique cuisine left a deep impression on him.

Exclusive Interview: Mr. Taster's Culinary Insights

Before concluding his food tour in Chongqing, we conducted an exclusive interview with Mr. Taster. He mentioned that the Ant Hotpot surprised him the most, while the spiciness of Chongqing noodles left a lasting impression.

When discussing the original intention of creating his food account, Mr. Taster stated that food is a peaceful language that can connect different people. He hopes to convey a message through his videos: no matter where you come from or your economic status, you can enjoy the beauty of life to the fullest.

Chongqing Cuisine Receives High Praise

Currently, Mr. Taster has posted videos of his tour in Chongqing on his various accounts, garnering over 2.3 million views.

"Let's Meet" airs every Wednesday and Saturday at 18:00 on Chongqing TV and is broadcast on various global platforms such as the Bridging News app, iChongqing website, WeChat Channels, WeChat Public Account, Weibo, YouTube, X (Former Twitter), and Facebook.


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