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Beautiful Countryside, Qitang Town's Green Revolution


Chongqing - Building a beautiful China cannot be achieved without a beautiful countryside. In recent years, Chongqing has made remarkable progress in building beautiful countryside, unveiling new pictures where wealthier farmers live happier lives in more attractive rural areas.

In this video, iChongqing's presenter, James Alexander, takes us to Qitang Town in Bishan District to explore the dramatic changes rural revitalization brings. Once known for its leather shoe industry, which caused severe environmental issues, Qitang Town has completely transformed. The town has shifted from leather shoe manufacturing to developing agriculture and tourism, creating a sustainable and prosperous community.

The newly completed Yunwu Huajian Beautiful Bashu Courtyard project is a prime example of this transformation. Just an hour’s drive from downtown Chongqing, the area offers seasonal fruit picking, local cuisine, idyllic scenery, and unique B&B experiences. This picturesque location, once plagued by pollution, now attracts numerous visitors.

Qitang Town’s shift towards agricultural and tourism integration has revitalized the local economy. The Bibei River Waterfront Trail connects key rural tourism spots like the Kingdom of Insects, Four Season Orchard, and Lianhuaxue Art Courtyard. These attractions form an agricultural and tourism industry cluster, enhancing the visitor experience and boosting local businesses.

The Lianhuaxue Art Courtyard, a rural art base of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, has revitalized the village with theaters, galleries, libraries, and sculptures, attracting many tourists. Visitors can enjoy activities like feeding animals, making tofu, and digging sweet potatoes, creating a unique and enjoyable rural experience.

The Yunwu Huajian project has significantly increased farmers' incomes, with over 300,000 visits recorded and agricultural product sales-boosting incomes by over 20 million yuan. The project has also encouraged young people to return to their hometowns and start businesses, further contributing to the local economy.

Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of developing unique agricultural products and rural tourism for rural revitalization. Chongqing has focused on preserving and developing traditional villages and constructing demonstration areas under the Beautiful Bashu Courtyard. The city actively promotes attractive and livable demonstration townships, transforming the countryside and increasing farmers' happiness.


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