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Breathing in Chongqing: Safeguarding the Blue Sky for Our Citizens


Chongqing Improving air quality is crucial for the health of a city's residents and the protection of its environment. Cleaner air reduces respiratory illnesses, enhances overall well-being, and preserves natural ecosystems. 

Chongqing's unique hilly topography and monsoon climate make the air here humid. As the earliest city in central and western China to rise in modern industry, Chongqing has experienced a period of heavy air pollution in the past. Since 2013, Chongqing's air quality has continued to improve. In 2023, the city had 325 days of good air quality, which has remained stable at more than 320 days for four consecutive years, and there have been no days of heavy pollution for six consecutive years. How does this city control air pollution and protect the respiratory health of its citizens?

In this episode, iChongqing's journalist Eiko Cheng visited an automobile manufacturing company downtown to report how it adopted scientific and technological means to control volatile organic compound emissions and reduce industrial pollution sources. With various new-energy vehicles being adopted for the transportation and industrial field and the functions of the air quality intelligent detection platform becoming increasingly powerful, Chongqing's efforts in air quality improvement demonstrate a commitment to creating a healthier, more sustainable future for all its citizens.

A relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau said that Chongqing will adhere to the main line of reducing PM2.5 concentrations in 2024, vigorously promote the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter, strengthen daily supervision, supervision and assistance, and pollution emergency response, promote coordinated governance of PM2.5 and ozone pollution, and achieve continuous improvement in air quality.

Watch the video and get to comprehend how this city guards the blue sky for the people here.

(Tao Yu, Luo Ganling, Ye Hua, and Zhou Xinxin, as interns, also contributed to this video.)


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