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Reviving the Yulin River, Chongqing's Journey to Cleaner Waters


Chongqing For a developing megacityhow to protect water resources and ensure smooth industrial operation near the basin is an issue worthy of attention. In today's program, iChongqing's presenter Alex introduces us to Chongqing's achievements in water environment management.

The Yulin River, which originates in Sichuan and flows through Chongqing’s Liangjiang New Area, had previously suffered from significant ecological degradation due to outdated infrastructure and unregulated sewage discharge. However, the river has been revitalized through a series of targeted actions.

A key component of this restoration effort is the focus on source pollution control. In the Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone, the SERES plant exemplifies cleaner production practices. Here, 4,200 cubic meters of wastewater are treated per hour, with 30% being reused after filtration through sand and carbon filters.

Technological advancements play a crucial role in this transformation. Chongqing has established intelligent management platforms that utilize AI technology to monitor and address pollution swiftly. The sewage treatment plant employs the A²O process combined with cloth media filtration, ensuring that the effluent quality meets the stringent Grade A standards, further enhancing water quality.

Moreover, comprehensive improvement projects have been implemented along the Yulin River. These projects include river channel improvements, drainage projects, road construction, and ecological landscaping. Approximately 1.84 billion yuan has been invested in restoring the river’s shoreline, covering 26.6 kilometers and creating 200,000 square meters of park area. These efforts have enhanced the river’s flow capacity, ensured flood safety, reduced soil erosion, and maintained reservoir stability.

The results of these initiatives are evident. The water quality of the Yulin River has improved significantly, with state-controlled sections achieving Class II standards. The reappearance of long-tailed anchovies and the increase in other fish species indicate a thriving aquatic ecosystem.

Mingyue Lake, a product of these restoration efforts, has developed into a green, low-carbon industrial cluster, providing residents with a beautiful waterside space and promoting the harmony between humans and nature. Chongqing’s approach to water management and ecological restoration serves as a model for sustainable development, ensuring a better future for its residents.


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