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The Dynamic Sound of Chongqing's "City of Magic" | Let's Meet ⑱

By NAIYI, YANG|Jul 10,2024

The first all-English international broadcast program in Chongqing, the 18th episode of "Let's Meet," produced by the Western China International Communication Organization, will be aired on Chongqing Satellite TV on July 10.

Chongqing Trade Across the World (Part 2)

In the last episode, we looked at Chongqing enterprises actively going overseas as part of the Belt and Road Initiative. In today's episode, we'll take you to northern South America, Guyana, to learn about the story of Chongqing companies mining and transporting bauxite there.

Maersk Optimistic about Opportunities in New Chongqing

If the fluctuating fortunes of the logistics industry are a reliable gauge for economic conditions, the shipping giant Maersk's operational dynamics emerge as a crucial indicator of economic development. In today's Dialogue, Maersk's chief representative in China, Jen Eskelund, expressed their recognition and appreciation of the Chinese and Chongqing markets.

Italian Sci-Fi Master Launches Future Fiction Workshop in Chongqing

With its unique and magical city style, Chongqing has provided rich inspiration for sci-fi writers and attracted world-class sci-fi master Francesco Verso. He edited the 'Future Fiction' project, which published excellent sci-fi novels from over 30 countries in 12 languages. Recently, he held the first "Future Fiction Workshop: International Masterclass" in Qijiang, Chongqing. Hugo, Nebula, and Galaxy Award winners gathered to help the new generation of Chinese sci-fi writers master their craft.

The Dynamic Sound of Chongqing's "City of Magic"

3F Store is a local band from Chongqing, formed six years ago by four multitalented youths. Their music captures the adventures of everyday life, showcasing Chongqing's diversity and inclusiveness, along with the city's endless possibilities.

Italian Vlogger Tastes Chongqing Pizza Buffet

In today's Vloggers in Chongqing, American vlogger Food X Bert and his Italian friend Michele Ponte tasted the unique self-service pizza in Chongqing. Michele, who should be no stranger to pizza, was shocked by the variety and unique flavors of the pizzas here.

Lanying Grand Canyon in Wuxi County of Chongqing

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin posted a video on Facebook of the cliff road in Lanying Grand Canyon in Wuxi County of Chongqing, asking netizens: "Dare to drive here?" A comment said, "China is so beautiful. I will go there one day." It looks like this netizen is daring to come and determined to visit.

"Let's Meet" airs every Wednesday and Saturday at 18:00 on Chongqing TV and is broadcast on various global platforms such as the Bridging News app, iChongqing website, WeChat Channels, WeChat Public Account, Weibo, YouTube, X (Former Twitter), and Facebook.


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