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A Cool Town in Chongqing Downtown - A Site for One-day Round Trip

Weather in Chongqing is capricious, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy. It is no need to pack your things and head for faraway places, as the time is quite enough for a round trip from the downtown of Chongqing to Tiaoshi Town, Banan District. The following paragraphs will give a brief introduction to the leisure sites in this destination.

Avoiding summer heat on Shengdeng Mountain

Nobody will reject a place with fresh and gentle breezes in scorching summer.

On Shengdeng Mountain, the so-called “little Mount Emei in the east of Sichuan,” what you may worry about is not the heat, but the cool for its temperature is 6 to 8°C lower than that of the main urban regions on average. Shengdeng Mountain is also a natural park of animals and plants. Due to the dense forests and a large variety of plants, wild animals of many kinds are living in the woods.


The cloudy Shengdeng Mountain

The myths and legends about this mountain are also mysterious yet heart-touching. People said that Jianwen Emperor of the Ming Dynasty once lived there to get away from the court coup. Besides, you will find nothing more splendid than the cultural relics, among which the Shengdeng Temple is the most famous.

You can seek human heritages on Shengdeng Mountain and leave with wonderful memories.


The green Shengdeng Mountain

Cultivate yourself and soothe the mind on Shiling Village

Shiling Village rests in the original natural scenic spot of Shiling Mountain, on the junction of Shengdengshan Town and Jielong Town, Banan District, and it has preserved complete natural landscapes.

All the year round, the highest temperature is less than 32°C. Though free from a ticket, it is also a niche destination. A quiet and beautiful environment embraces the whole village with verdant and luxuriant forests.


The entrance of Shiling Village

It is a typical area bathed in the subtropical monsoon climate. While wandering on the path in woodland, what accompanies you will be the mountain spring and mist, which contrast finely with each other. It will be a relaxing pleasure to fish by the pond, and all the activities are recommended for a one-day trip.

Gazing into the distance on the sightseeing platform, you will catch sight of the magnificent Chashan Mountain (Tea Mountain). The village serves fresh chicken, duck, and fish meat and newly-picked vegetables and fruits, even the tea is made with the spring water. All of them will be parts of the feast for you to enjoy after climbing the mountain.

Exciting and thrilling drift on Foying Gorge

Foying Gorge is known for the magnificent and grand mountains and permeating mists and rains all the year round, giving birth to the watercourse for drifting. The drifting on a waterfall is especially worth recommending, and you can plow through the waves of the Lianhua Waterfall, with a vertical height of more than 5 meters. The total drop of the whole drifting journey is 117 meters. Due to the turbulent water, you can enjoy the excitement of a natural water roller coaster. It is a perfect way of cooling yourself.


Drifting along with the river in Foying Gorge

In addition to the drift, you could also try river tracing. It is an activity for you to walk through the wood bridge, pass the iron chain plank road, and walk through deep forests, you can also choose to play with water, surrounded by the lush mountains.


Drifting along with the river in Foying Gorge

Address: Tiaoshi Town, Banan District

Recommended routes for self-driving: Downtown—Shengdeng Mountain—Shiling Mountain village—Foying Gorge—back to the downtown

Recommended routes for the one-day travel: Climb Shengdeng Mountain in the morning; have lunch at Shiling Mountain village at noon, and enjoy the drifting at Foying Gorge in the afternoon, and then drive back.

Recommended routes for the two-day travel: Climb Shengdeng Mountain in the morning, and get accommodation at Shiling Mountain village in the evening. Go drifting and river tracing at Foying Gorge the next day, and then drive back.

Tips: Due to the large temperature difference between day and night in the mountainous areas, you are advised to bring a coat, and the mosquito repellent is necessary.


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