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Anju Ancient Town

As a national AAAA-level tourist attraction in China, Anju Ancient Town is one of the 20 historical and cultural towns approved by Chongqing. It was awarded the fourth batch of Chinese historical and cultural cities in 2008. Located in the Anju Town, Tongliang District, its name has a beautiful meaning of living and working in peace. The whole scenic spot has 13.2 square kilometers, including three square kilometers of the core area of the Anju Ancient Town, as well as cultural tourism functional regions such as Heilongzui, Pipa Island, and Polun Temple, and more.

People lived in Anju Ancient Town more than 4,000 years ago. Built during the Sui Dynasty (581 – 618 A.D.), the ancient town has a profound history with more than 1,500 years, with the original name as Chishui (the red water) County. Some several streams and rivers meet in the town, therefore, becoming a crucial port town in northern Chongqing.

There are lots of historical sites inside the Anju Ancient Town, such as the Temple of the Town God, the old site of Whampoa Military Academy, Bolun Temple, and more. Here, you can enjoy the history of this fantastic place.

Also, you can enjoy operas, dragon dance, and experience some other fold culture in Anju Ancient Town. Besides, some folk art crafts are provided to visitors there to enjoy or buy.

So far, Anju Ancient Town now has 17 inns, 112 restaurants, and more than 200 snack shops, therefore, becoming the paradise for foodies. Among them, Hanlinsu (a kind of puff), Taishou dough twist, and chicken claws are the most famous kinds of food. Moreover, fruits planted by natives, such as orange with red heart and sweet pomelo, are very recommendable.

Transportation: urban Chongqing – Suining-Chongqing Expressway (Shaoyun exit) – National Highway G319 – turn left at Qifosi intersection – Anju Ancient Town


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