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Chongqing Changshou Puti Ancient Town

Located in Changshou District, Chongqing, Changshou Puti Ancient Town borders Taohua New City to the east, and old downtown of Changshou to the south, and neighbors Puti Mountain to the west and north.

The ancient town takes Bayu history and culture as the background and reproduces the past days via the unique architectural style of West China. Thanks to the designers’ fantastic thinking and craftsmen’s sophisticated skills, the pseudo-classic architecture group has been presented based on historical materials. It has perfectly combined Changshou (longevity) culture and the local culture of Bayu region.

In the river-cut town, the weeping willows are dancing with breezes, and a huge windmill and gurgling waters are telling stories of the past days.

Although these buildings were constructed today, they also carry the special antique style. The ancient town is similar to Lijiang with streams flowing under small bridges, and it also enjoys the uniqueness of ancient water towns by southern Yangtze River.

The scenic area is also well-equipped. The quadrangle courtyard hotel is located on a peaceful site, and its carved dragons and phoenix, and color paintings of birds and flowers have embellished the bluestone and redwood.

The Temple Fair Snack Street and Sichuan-Chongqing Snack Street have settled hundreds of stores for specialty catering, which impress tourists in Changshou.

On the streets of antiques, calligraphy and painting, strange stones, special local products of Sichuan and Chongqing, national dresses, and temple for sightseeing, there are also various activities.

Here, tourists can go to the temple fair, buy special products for the Spring Festival, and enjoy the beautiful lanterns, and others all the year round too.

The main scenic spots include Bafu Bridge, Yulongtan Park, Wanshou Plaza, Wanshou Garden, ancient opera stage, Confucious’ temple, and town god’s temple. They all present Bayu culture, Fu (blessing) and Shou (longevity) culture, and architectural culture of West China.

Source: Shangyou News


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