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Chaotianmen Bridge

Chongqing, a land of natural beauty, has built numerous roads and bridges that pass through mountains and rivers. Therefore, it wins the title of “Bridge Capital of China”. The bridges connect all areas of Chongqing, just like the “aortas” of the city. Among these bridges, Chaotianmen Bridge is called the “door of the city”. This bridge was open to traffic on April 29, 2009, becoming a landmark building in Chongqing.

Chaotianmen Bridge is located in Central Chongqing on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. With the 1,741-meter-long bridge body, it is 4,881 meters in length including the front and rear approaching sections. Moreover, it is an arch bridge with the world’s largest span which surpasses the Lupu Bridge in Shanghai. Therefore, many people call it the “World’s Largest Arch”.

A Unique “Door” of the Bridge Capital

The bridge connects Wulidian Subdistrict in Jiangbei District to the west and Danzishi Subdistrict in Nan’an District to the east. The bridge and the Two Rivers (the Jialing River and Yangtze River) Tunnel connect Jiefangbei CBD, Jiangbeizui CBD, and Danzishi CBD.

There are two layers of this bridge with six two-way lanes on the upper one. Pedestrians can walk up to the bridge via the sidewalks on both sides. A two-way mono-rail track is on the lower layer. Meanwhile, there are two roadways on both sides reserved to meet the demand of traffic increase.

The People's Liberation Monument and Chaotianmen, two city cards of Chongqing, have achieved an ingenious integration on the bridge.

Besides, the two main piers of the bridge are specially designed in the shape of the People's Liberation Monument. In the meanwhile, it has two parts with four pillars to support the bridge.

There are viewing platforms on the piers which are in the shape of the People's Liberation Monument. Moreover, they're the best places to watch the two rivers confluence at Chaotianmen and the night view of the mountain city.

In the daytime, the bridge is wholly red except for the piers, forming a unique landscape of “Chongqing Red”.

At night, all beautiful lights on the bridge illuminate the city, reflecting in the river. Furthermore, it looks like a gorgeous silver bridge of the Milky Way in the night sky.


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