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Chongqing Colorful Forest

The gorgeous autumn scenery of the colorful forest in the main urban area of Chongqing is comparable to that in Western Sichuan! As the end of October comes, the Colorful Forest in Youfang Village, Fengsheng Town, Banan District, the largest scenic spot of artificial colorful forest in Chongqing’s main urban area, will welcome its best time in a year (early November to early December), presenting an unmissable golden autumn scenery to you.

The Colorful Forest, the largest artificial colorful forest in Chongqing, will present an unmissable golden autumn scenery to you.

Feel the glamor of the colorful forest

The Colorful Forest, covering an area of about 2.33km2, is planted with the golden honey locust, the golden dawn redwood and a variety of maples including the European maple and the Japanese maple. With different colors, those trees make up two colorful corridors stretching for ten kilometers.

The Colorful Forest, covering an area of about 2.33km2, is planted with the golden honey locust, the golden dawn redwood and a variety of maples.

In early November, the colorful forest will enter its prime, which is expected to last until early December. During this period, it will turn into a sea of varicolored trees. Tourists could hear the soft rustling as colorful leaves fly onto the ground in the wind, making them feel like standing in a painting. It is so beautiful that photos taken at random will look magnificent.

Return to nature and experience the farming life

Besides the autumn scenery, tourists can experience authentic farming life and intimate contact with animals there.

The Fantastic Animal Paradise is a must-visit in the scenic spot. There are more than 1,000 animals, including alpacas, camels, sika deer, emus, European argalis and rabbits with big ears, and tourists can feed them.

Additionally, tourists are allowed to take a close look at the graceful bearing of more than 500 blue peafowl.

Adjacent to the Colorful Forest, Fengsheng Ancient Town, which was constructed in the Song Dynasty and thrived in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, is still well preserved. The town is tranquil in the morning, boisterous at noon, sunny and comfortable in the afternoon, and quiet and gentle in the evening.


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