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Chongqing Huolu Town: A Torrid name, A Cool Place

In the Wulong Mountains of Chongqing, Huolu ("stove" in Chinese) Town sits here with a torrid name but delightfully cool temperature. With its forest sea, deep valley, karst cave, and waterfall, Huolu Town, as an attraction on the exclusive travel line of Fairy Mountain, remains a primitive and mysterious atmosphere.

The aerial photo of Huolu Town.

This town got its name from the stony stove built at its edge. Here, the Wanfeng Forest Sea occupying about 47 square kilometers is noteworthy. In the forest sea, a hundred-meter footpath for cycling awaits your wandering around the trees on bikes. If you do not know how to ride a bike, strolling is also a good option.

Paddling at mysterious valley

To visit the valley near Huolu Town, you need to find its concealed entrance by asking local people.

In the valley, paddling and having fun near the water with friends is quite pleasant.

Sparsely inhabited and rarely visited, the valley is spotted with quaint rocks formed by crustal movement thousands of years ago.

The precipice also appears peculiar, standing at two sides of the valley, thanks to the secret workings of nature. Walking in the valley, you can have a feast for eyes for the surprisingly beautiful scenery and, without excellent shooting skills, plenty of fantastic photos.

On the precipice aside the valley, many quaint rocks string out, showing the history of crustal movement thousands of years ago.

Affordable delicacy at farm stays

The farm stays in Huolu Town, mostly hide in the mountains filled with greenery. Almost all the families here own farm stays, which provide excellent services and low prices. Besides, it also enjoys the reputation of being the "home of chevon hot pot." Those farm stays offer the well-known "chevon bowls" cooked with the local chevon produced in Fairy Mountain. Fresh and tender in texture and bright in color, the chevon tastes better with locally-made condiment and sauce than other ways to eat.

The peach here has always been famous for its big crispness and sweetness.

It is worth mentioning that Huolu Town is taking action in improving the attraction. Speed skating in midair, iron rope bridge walking, and the "Treading on Thin Strings" are part of the exciting midair activities you can try if you are daring enough.

You can also experience high-altitude projects such as Speed skating in midair, iron rope bridge walking here.

Tips on Transportation

Road Trips:

1. Main urban area —Chongqing-Hunan Expressway (G65) —— turn left at Wulong toll station exit, towards the railway station — pass by the farmland — Zhongxin ferry — Shenglikou — Huolu Town

2. Main urban area —Chongqing-Hunan Expressway (G65) —— turn right at Wulong toll station exit — Wuxian Road — Baiguo (Longshui Valley ground cracks) — Huolu Town


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